You’ve probably heard about CBD or Cannabidiol in some capacity. Especially as in the past few years, the health world has exploded with how, the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis (Harvard 2018), can help to treat a number of conditions.

The form you’re likely to be in contact with and heard of, is the cannabidiol oil derived from the hemp plant. Which has no trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychogenic component of the marijuana plant.

So, what health benefits from CBD are we talking about?

Well, within the last year or so, a number of studies has been conducted to determine the effects of using CBD. The results so far are extremely promising with the World Health Organisation advocating its use to help treat patients with Epilepsy following extensive research. Additionally, its shown promising results in the treatment of conditions and symptoms of those affected by: nerve function (e.g. M.S), dementia, anxiety and asthma and has been shown to aid in soothing inflammation and aid in general pain relief.

With CBD available as a food supplement and even being added to our coffees in some more innovative coffee shops, it wasn’t long before we would finally get it in our skin and body care.

CBD oil from hemp

CBD oil is derived from the Hemp plant and does not contain the THC, psychogenic ingredients found in cannabis.

Introducing the CBD facial

America have included CBD facials as part of their treatment plans for the last several years and garnered great success from it. With celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (who uses it for general pain, stress and anxiety), Melissa McCarthy (who used it for heal pain at this years Oscars) and Olivia Wilde (who uses it for muscle pain) endorsing it, its no wonder it’s taken off.

FINALLY, we can all benefit from the wonderous attributes of a CBD facial with thanks to the advancements of the Harley Street Skin Clinic who research and train extensively for their incredible treatment plans that caters for a need as well as demand. They’re the first UK salon to offer this incredible treatment.

About the CBD products

Harley Street have done extensive research into the CBD products available and uses the MariPharm range because they use the highest quality CBD oil. It’s a 100% natural product, there are no pesticides or additives, it’s vegan friendly and there is care at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the best results all round.

We went along to their clinic to give the CBD facial a try. Here’s what we thought…

If you’ve had a facial before, you’ll know they’re generally a very relaxing experience. But the addition of the CBD oil really does take it to a whole new level.

Not only do you benefit from the properties of the oil; which helps to treat inflammation, calming redness and acne scaring, but you’ll be treated to a couple of drops (in your mouth) pre-treatment which will give us an outer body experience and not in a psychedelic way (because there is none in it!). I simply got lost in the rhythm of the treatment, remembering every impression the therapist makes. I was not aware of external noises and my mind didn’t wander. It was simply a blissful experience.

What does CBD oil taste like?

As mentioned, you’ll be treated to 3 drops pre-treatment to help aid that relaxation. As for taste, it just tastes a little grassy. But not in a bad way. In fact, I liken it to the Daily Greens Juice from Pret, it just tastes fresh. I didn’t notice any obvious change in my demeanour, but I certainly felt calmer, my brain rested and my body more relaxed- a major achievement all round for me. The remainder of the day certainly felt more easy going despite meetings that followed, dealing with London traffic and a 3 hour car journey.

The treatment itself

During the treatment, I was pampered with a full exfoliating cleanse, followed with the CBD oil applied directly to my skin which was massaged in thoroughly. This helps to tackle surface inflammation, calming redness and acne flares and scaring.

I also enjoy the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage – which helps flush out toxins and firm up the skin around the eyes, forehead, neck and jowls; the cheeks and chin. A luxurious mask, where the application is an experience in itself follows and whilst that set to work, I was treated to a neck and shoulder massage with the wonderful warm scent of sandalwood. As I said, its simply blissful.  The treatment finishes with some heavenly scented moisturiser and I am ready to embrace the day.

The results…

Instantly my skin looks fresher, calmer and dewier. My skin feels treated but not greasy and my skin feels more taught. I am even happier to go about my day without any makeup on, I always like to allow the products to continue working and, in this instance, despite meetings that follow, I am simply quite happy to forgo makeup.

One week on:

I took home some of the Mari Drops which I have used a couple of times and can confirm that it simply takes an edge off. I feel more relaxed having taken them and my mind felt a lot clearer- which is essential when I can be hopping from one task to another.

I also continue with the Mari Crème, which is a moisturising cream, that I use in addition to my light moisturiser for added hydration for this time of year. Essentially, it contains 1% CBD too so I can benefit from the properties of the oil on a day-to-day basis. Over the following week, I am still happy to go about with minimal makeup on, simply wearing a tinted moisturiser- which at this time of year, is simply unheard of for me. The only change in my routine is the addition of the CBD crème which seems to be working wonders for my skin. The redness has diminished considerably, spots seems to be settling and surfacing less frequently and even my acne scarring seems to be easing. That’s high praise!

I anticipated that the treatment itself would be relaxing and may provide some immediate results in part thanks to the massage, technique and process of the facial. But in continuing to use the products following, we’re assure that this is an essential component in delivering results. It’s quite remarkable. A facial that is a heavenly experience that delivers results thanks to the product properties is a winning combination in our eyes.

The treatment and products were given with compliments of the Harley Street Skin Clinic to allow us to write this piece. Our thoughts and opinions are our own. We conducted additional research to determine the properties of CBD and opinions surrounding its use.

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