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The number of CBD products entering the market every year is enough to boggle the mind. As the use of CBD becomes more popular, the product selection available is becoming ever more baffling — today you can find everything from CBD air-fresheners to CBD underwear. The variety is enough to make consumers wonder which products make actual sense and which ones are just trying to capitalize on a trend.

CBD cosmetics raise similar questions. Do they provide actual benefits, and are they worth your time? Let’s take a look into what CBD is, and see if the substance can provide any cosmetic benefits.

The origins of CBD

You’d be forgiven for believing that CBD is a new product. Indeed, the widespread use of CBD is a relatively new trend. Before 2018, the substance was mostly only spoken about in the marijuana community, where medical marijuana users understood that strains of the plant that contained high amounts of CBD also offered the strongest health benefits.

Today, most commercially available CBD is extracted from hemp, which means CBD products have no risk of leaving you intoxicated. Some countries do allow CBD to be extracted from cannabis, but the UK is not one of them.

When it comes to cosmetics, it’s important to note that CBD acts by interacting with different neurotransmitters throughout your body. And there are plenty of those present on the surface levels of your skin, which is why CBD can be effective even when applied to the skin, even though most methods of taking the substance involve ingesting or inhaling it in some form.

Compliment your skincare routine with facial massage.

The benefits of CBD cosmetics

Now that we’ve established that CBD can act when applied to your skin, the question remains: what does it do? Well, that’s one of the problems. Research on the effects of CBD is still ongoing, and there are a lot of unknowns surrounding the substance. However, some of the benefits of CBD are relatively well-established, such as the following:

1 – Reduce inflammation

One of the biggest benefits of using CBD cosmetics comes from the substance’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD reduces inflammation by interacting with neurotransmitters that help regulate your body’s immune response. That makes it a valuable asset when trying to treat any type of skin condition that has inflammation as its primary cause.

Acne is, of course, one of the first conditions that come to mind. But CBD can also treat skin redness, eczema, and other types of skin conditions.

2 – Nourish the skin

As a hemp byproduct, CBD comes packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients and vitamins that can help nourish and moisturize your skin. That’s one of the reasons that makes the substance popular for cosmetic applications, even being used in hair products, despite the general lack of neurotransmitters in your hair.

3 – Boost your sleep quality

If left on your skin for long periods of time, CBD will eventually reach your bloodstream. At that point, the substance’s calming properties will kick in, helping reduce your levels of stress, and improving the quality of your sleep. This makes CBD overnight face masks particularly effective, as better sleep often leads to better skin.

You can find out a lot more about CBD and its benefits by visiting Cibdol’s CBD Encyclopedia.

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