During the festive periods, the shops brace for great swathes of customers desperate to purchase gifts of all kinds. In the end, they’ll spend extortionate amounts if it means showering their loved ones with the affection they deserve.

Of course, the retailers are only too happy to lap up all of this money, but that doesn’t mean every customer has endless pennies to part with. Some people are on a budget, and that’s understandable; Christmas is certainly not cancelled because of this!

Consequently, it’s time to get creative. Here are some present ideas for you to consider if you’re on a budget this Christmas.

What You’ve Made

If you consider yourself to be a student or indeed a master of arts and crafts, what you make can undoubtedly serve up as a gift. If you’re an artist, whether that be a writer, sculpture, or you just enjoy a bit of knitting, then you’re perfectly poised for some cheap gift potential. Materials will be easy and cheap to come by, and you’ll hit the ground running from there.

Of course, there’s added value in gifting over something you’ve made. While it might have been a quick and cheap task for you, for others, it’s a personal and unique gift that they’ll only ever have one of and potentially cherish forever. That’s undeniably special, and perfectly exemplifies the Christmas spirit, so get creating!

What You Already Have

As you’ve shopped through the years, it’s likely you’ve accumulated a set of vouchers by now. These are ripe for gift giving if you’ve kept them stored safely away, so consider slipping these into a festive card that you can fire out to a friend or family member. It’s still money, even if it can only be spent at certain shops!

Alternatively, if you’ve got anything that you’re quite happy to part ways with, wrap it up and call it a gift! It’ll stop you spending anymore money, and it may also tidy up your house somewhat and free up some room. If you’re on a budget then there’s no harm in doing this, so long as you’re only parting ways with items that you absolutely do not need.

Bits and Bobs

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts, a lot of pressure can be wrapped up in the whole process. That innate desire burning away inside you is hard to shake, and that wanting to please can only be sated by success. That said, you needn’t let yourself get to boiling point. Small and cheap gifts are brilliant, so long as they’re thoughtful.

Put simply, everyone needs bits and bobs, and sometimes the more modest gifts are the most useful and practical. Moreover, they’re easily found and cheaper than most other kinds of presents too. Sometimes, what’s useful is more appealing than what’s elaborate or expensive. Calendars, dairies, notebooks; they’re all perfectly valid and affordable gifts.

This post was created in collaboration with Card Factory

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