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The bathroom is probably one of the most underserved rooms in the average house, often the last room we think to redecorate over living and sleeping spaces. We all have the right to feel our bougie selves, but not many of us have the wallets to back that feeling up at the moment – so, what low-cost ways are there to bougie up your bathroom?

Clean and organised

Before you make any major changes to your current bathroom décor, there are some little things you could do that might completely revolutionise your relationship with the space – and not just aesthetically speaking, either.

If you’ve spent more than three minutes looking for home inspiration on TikTok, you’ll likely have come across a viral phenomenon that rivals ASMR content for pure satisfaction value. That phenomenon is something I like to call ‘restock-tok’, or home organisation TikTok.

In-home organisation videos, lifestyle influencers simply record themselves restocking their fridge, cupboards, and other consumables around the home. In many of these videos, branded packaging is replaced with smart organisation and aesthetic storage solutions, with products like washing-up liquid dispensed into useful and beautiful receptacles.

This approach can be extended to the bathroom, where toilet rolls could be stocked up in a hidden cupboard or proudly organised in a beautiful wicker basket. Packaging could be eliminated from your sink or bathroom shelf altogether, with everything from toothpaste to shampoo and conditioner getting its own bespoke and useful receptacle for storage and use. Not only can this de-clutter your bathroom, but also make it easier and more inviting to clean!

Plant life

Your bathroom needn’t just be a place for grooming and cleaning. It should also be a space in which you can luxuriate – spend hours at a time without ever feeling uncomfortable. There are dozens of ways you can do this, but one of the more underrated ways to bring a real sense of rich style to your bathroom is to fill it with plants.

The right bathroom plants are leafy plants that thrive in moist atmospheres. Big palms and humid-friendly lilies are a great start, while aloe vera plants are a sleeper hit for adorning any spare windowsill space.

Opulent accessories

Lastly, if you want to feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury, you can make some more fundamental changes that take a turn for the opulent. In visiting your local bathroom showroom, you can find great inspiration for ways to ‘bougify’ your current space. If your bath is a stand-alone bath, for example, your showroom might have some grand ideas for ornate bath feet or pedestals.

Luxury is often indicated through the use of polished stone, particularly marble. Marble-effect tiles and sidings can bring opulence easily, as can polished brass fixtures to make your bathroom gleam all the more.

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