A 79-year-old takes on busy London life, while a millennial moves to a quiet little village and busies herself helping the elderly residents and planning the May Day celebrations.

Just what we need at the moment – an uplifting story with two loveable characters

Does that sound odd? Well, it is a little, but Eileen and Leena both need a change in their life and for two months, grandmother and granddaughter swap places.

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Their lives couldn’t be more different (except that they are both pretty busy): 79-year-old Eileen has her village activities, her friends and neighbours who keep her busy, and Leena has an important job in London and is under a lot of pressure. So much pressure in fact, that she makes a big mistake and is asked to take some time off to regroup – which is how the idea is born to swap her life for a quieter one in the country.

What seems like a joke at first becomes reality and they both find pleasure in their new lives.

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It is light-hearted and just what we need at the moment, because we need something we can count on, which is uplifting, with sweet characters we would like to meet in real life. There are however some family issues arising as Leena moves into her grandmother’s house and considerably closer to her mother. The things that were so easily left unsaid when they were apart now become even more apparent and give the story an edge as well as a serious note to the otherwise little whimsical story of May Day celebrations and the over-70s dating scene.

The Switch, by Beth O’Leary (published April 2020) is now available in bookstores and online. ISBN-13: 9781787475014

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