The Other Family is a story about families – or rather, the many facets of family.
There is your biological family, your family on paper or adopted family, the family you chose to marry, your own family you started and the friends you chose to be your family.

The Other Family Book

Ally lives with her mother Sophie and her daughter Kylie who has strong allergies and other undefined illnesses, money is tight and she is in the process of divorcing her husband Matt.
In order to try and help her daughter, they take a DNA test to hopefully get details on Kylie’s family medical history. It unearths a number of family relations, including one not far away – and it is her biological mother’s sister. Her aunt.

These new situations aren’t easy to navigate and everyone deals with them differently. Those aspects have been well incorporated in the story, with some characters building bridges easily, others struggling to changes to their definition of family.

For Sophie, this brings back memories and the truth that Ally isn’t entirely hers (at least, biologically speaking). For Ally’s “other family”, this is a second chance they never thought would be possible, and for Ally the possibility of helping her daughter, and find out more about her own history. Until then, she had never wanted to try to find her biological family, but upon seeing the names black on white on the screen… she is intrigued.

While it is fiction and methods and treatments aren’t examples of real life, it is uplifting to read a story where everything turns out well at the end and the quirky character of Bernie adds a little twist to the family drama.

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