Charity of the month of January- Cancer Research UK

Posted on Jan 4 2014 - 1:40pm by Samantha Clark
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As you may recall from my New Years post, in 2014, I am/was hoping to raise awareness of some really great charities and show my support where possible- attending local events (where time permitted), donating to each charity and encouraging the charities to send in blog posts to raise awareness- however, it seems this is going to be slightly more challenging than first thought- I will still attend events, where possible, and donate to each charity but it seems it is going to be difficult to let you know what these charities do and offer- Cancer Research UK (this month’s charity) are unable to provide me with any information on what it is they do or even general information about the charity, this is something I could write, however, every aspect of the post would need to be approved (which could delay the post no-end and may not even get published), therefore, I can only tell you my story and why I support this charity and encourage you to do so too. If you have any stories about this particular charity or any charity that I will be supporting this year, that you would like to share with my readers, please do send in your story to:

My Grandad Anthony Sanders, died from lung cancer in March 2007.

It came as a surprise, I didn’t even know my grandad was ill. It was October 2006 and was told my grandad had incurable lung cancer and had only months left with us. My grandad was a wonderful man, caring, interesting, dedicated and hardworking and was taken from my life in a quick and cruel way. In his last months, we spent as much time together as possible and I cherish that time deeply. However, I cannot imagine what it must be like for someone to know that their time on this earth is coming to an end and nothing can prepare you for the gap that a person can leave in your life, I miss him dearly.

I support Cancer Research because so many lives are affected by this terrible disease and impacts on their lives greatly and all the people around them; their spouses, friends, siblings, grandchildren and well everyone. I hope that whatever support that I can offer will make a difference to someone else’s life in the very near future. There really is so many ways to get involved from donating directly to the charity (monetary) or even through donating clothes, homewares, books and more to your local charity shop.

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