We’re all about knowledge sharing – it’s ultimately how we learn and grow. Often, the most poignant advice comes from our parents and grandparents. 

We take to Reddit to see what generational advice has resonated most. Reddit user Impossible_Donut_418 asked “What’s the most memorable piece of advice your grandparents ever gave you?”, here are some of the best and most popular responses: 

“My great-grandfather always said: “Just do a little each day.” It’s my mantra during my low times “ – foxontherox

“Don’t want to go to a social event? Don’t give a reason – just say you can’t be there. If you’re invited somewhere you don’t want to go, don’t say “sorry I can’t go because I have to do _____ that day” because people just resent you for choosing to do something else. Just say “Thanks for the invite but I can’t make it! Next time!” – HorrorThis

“From my grandfather:  Never stop learning. Ask questions, be curious, read. Doesn’t matter how you do it but try to learn something new every day.” – Old_Crow13

“When preparing for a big stressful event (wedding, children, moving etc), expect there to be 10 problems. That way when there are only 5, you will be happy.” – Limjaheyaturcervix

“My paternal grandparents died long before I was born and my maternal grandparents are pretty terrible people. But my father’s best friend and coworker has been around my entire life and he’s as close to family as a non related individual can be. Whenever I told him about my day, he’d tell me what his mother would always tell him. “May this be the worst of your troubles.” It’s gotten me through a lot.” – Nice-End6324

“My grandfather told me that when I grow up if I dont vote that’s ok but keep my complaints to myself. It wasn’t just about politics. Nobody likes people who always have criticism but won’t do their part to contribute to the solution. The other was never to forget that people are more than their race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, social status, gender, etc. I was pretty young when he died but he made a huge impact on who I am as a person with those two lessons. Theres so much more he and my grandma passed down through my mom. The older I get the more wise I realize they were.” – Iztac_xocoatl

What advice did your grandparents share with you that struck a chord? Let us know in the comments below.

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