Best for Body 2019

Posted on Feb 27 2019 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

A body well taken care of is a happy body. Invest a little time into the care of your body and not only will the process of doing so aid in relaxation but may also give you a little boost of confidence too.

We share our ‘Best for Body’ products of 2019 that not only take care of your body but do so, for you, effortlessly.


St Tropez Mousse

It’s always best to fake it when it comes to tanning; for a start, it’s better for your health (and your skins).  But when it comes to finding a fake tan product, we need something that works fast, is easy to use and will be streak free. The winner of our fake tan award goes to St Tropez Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse for all of the above and more.

Not only can you have healthier looking skin in just one hour but it is super fuss free. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the bath/shower out after as you simply pump onto your mitt, massage in an upward circular motion from the ankles, wipe any remaining amount over your feet and go about your business whilst it develops. We couldn’t ask for more.

Body Oil

De-stress oil

This year our best body oil goes to Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil. For us, this award was about making you better, all round. A body oil is great for hydrating skin but considering they use a blend of essential oils, we want something that can make a difference in more ways than one. For us, Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil not only hydrates the skin but it helps to alleviate tight muscles with little effort. Additionally, the combination of rosemary, lavender and chamomile is a sure way to kick start the day with a little ease.

We would say though that this may not be a product for everyone daily though as unless you’re using an exfoliating based body wash daily too, it may lead to congestion. But everyone is different. As and when needed though, this is fantastic!

Body Lotion

Decleor Sun Body

We often neglect our bodies when it comes to sun protection. When there seems to be an abundance of products suitable for the face but not so many offer an alternative to sunscreen for our bodies, its no wonder. Sunscreen after all can stain clothing, feel greasy, smell strange and can’t seem to balance the hydrating properties.

We’re pretty smitten with Decleor’s Aroma Sun Hydrating Milk. It’s perfect for everyday use. It smells terrific with no need for additional perfumes, skin feels smooth and hydrated and gives skin a lovely healthy sheen. Of course, the major benefit is our body is now getting the same sun protection as our face. Boosting anti-aging all over.

Body Scrub

Hotel Chocolat 3 Shell Scrub

Body scrubs are a brilliant way to reveal bright and fresh skin instantly by removing skin cells, invigorating the muscles and flushing out toxins (when used appropriately). The new Hotel Chocolat Three Shell Cacao Almond and Coconut Body Scrub is just heavenly. The gel like consistency, which has a light tropical smell, gently, but effectively, brightens and refreshes the skin whilst simultaneously injecting moisture into the skin without an additional need for moisturiser. It quite simply takes care of your skin for you.

Please note that the products mentioned here will have been either sent from the brand directly or we’ll have purchased them personally. This is an honest review based on our experience of a variety of products (in these categories) tried over the last year.

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