Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

After a loved one has unfortunately passed away, navigating your way through the long and complicated aspects of the probate process while also grieving can be a challenge and sometimes a little too much to cope with. When grieving, it is sometimes easy to make mistakes, however the smallest of mistakes could cost you time and money preventing you from truly grieving, so it is recommended in hiring probate experts and here is a list explaining the benefits if you aren’t quite convinced:

They can help with drafting of a will

Ensuring your wishes are honoured after death, it is almost an essential to have a will and one that is clear and precise. Your last Will and Testament will be one of the most important documents you will create in your life, it allows you to communicate your wishes clearly after death in the hope they will be honoured. Whist you may be tempted to draft your own will, small inaccuracies could deem the document invalid or fraudulent, making your assets vulnerable to be distributed against your wishes. Though, if you still wish to draft it yourself, it is recommended that you follow the government guidelines to writing your will.

They can protect an estate against contests and legal claims

While you’d think following the death of a loved one, everyone would back off giving the family time to grieve, it is the complete opposite. Contrary to popular belief, legal claims happen more commonly than people realise. It seems that the death of a person attracts those seeking financial gain, anywhere from will contests to creditor claims.

Most commonly there is help needed from the experts when a family member contests a will, this is often due to a family member being less favourable to the other heirs, though there is various grounds for contesting a will. With the help of experts, they can reduce the tension between members of the family and dispute the case quicker.

They can sort out all the technical details

Whist it is possible for the executor to complete the long and time-consuming list of duties to fulfil without the help of a probate expert, some of the items on the to-do list can be complicated. One mistake, no matter how big or small, could be damaging to the process.

This Kent probate service offers probate and estate administration expert help. They are able to provide a personal service while being compassionate and confidential.

They will make sure all debts are paid

As an executor, you may be disheartened when you come to realise that your share of an estate has unpaid debts from the deceased, so it must be handed over to a creditor to settle. Though avoiding any unnecessary delays could be done quite simply by hiring probate experts. They are responsible to settle any debts before the estate is released to the executors.

And finally, they can answer any queries you may have

The probate service on a whole is extremely confusing for all parties involved, obviously to be deepened by the emotions experienced through grieving for a loved one. With a probate expert, they will be able to take you through the process, step-by-step, relieving some of the pressure it would cause without their assistance.

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