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Assuming the average person spends 8 hours a night sleeping; we spend a third of a day (and therefore a third of our lives) in the bedroom.  That makes bedroom comforts one of the most important investments a person could make.

In addition , a good night’s sleep is essential for basic function;  a lack of sleep will leave you unable to think straight, craving sugar and caffeine and evoke achy tired muscles, making even the easiest of tasks seem difficult. A room conducive to sleep is vitally important and it all starts with how we furnish it, Yorkshire Linen share their top tips on selecting soft furnishings:


Anyone who has spent a night in a hotel or anywhere similar will know, curtains don’t just serve a functional purpose, they are a big part of turning an empty space into somewhere where rest is not just appropriate, but desirable.

As a primary function, curtains help block out street and natural light. You may currently use blinds with this purpose in mind but inevitably the light seeps around and out of the edges and even a minimal amount of light can cause sleep disruption. Curtains will eliminate any excess light so that if your body needs to rest, it is able to do so peacefully.

In addition, for a space that requires minimalism, curtains add an element of personalisation to the room and a homey, comfort aspect. With features such as swags, tie backs, eyelet, pattern or plain, blackout or decorative it is easy to find something to suit your preference, need and comfort.  A good place to check for a huge collection of ready made curtains online, is Yorkshire Linen.


When it comes to comfort, in the bed is where you’ll find it so selecting suitable duvets and linens is as essential as what the room looks like.

Duvet and Pillows

Your duvet is the heart of the bed; it’s where you can snuggle under a soft down and truly relax after a long day. But temperature is as much a factor in selecting a duvet as it is about comfort. So as it was for Goldilocks, so shall it be for us, it has to be just right.

You should have two duvets in rotation to accommodate for the different temperatures year round. During the spring and summer months it is recommend that your duvet should be between 2.5-7.5 togs and 10.5-15 in autumn and winter for optimal comfort. You could always add a throw or bedspread to furnishings to help with seasonal transitions or to accommodate a different temperature preference for you and your partner.

As for filling, you have a choice between hollowfibre, duck feathers or down and goose down. There are some variations in price, comfort and warmth but it usually comes down to your overall preference.

Bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers

Much like togs, the higher the thread count, the thicker and warmer the sheet; a higher thread count also means the sheet is likely to be softer, become softer over time and wear well. However, a thread count isn’t the only factor for quality, it’s is as much about the material as much as anything; pure cotton and Egyptian cotton are a better quality bed sheet because they’re breathable, hypo-allergenic and more comfortable overall, even in a lower thread count.

Some other tips to consider:

  • How we feel in our rooms should be a consideration too; ensure any stress factors such as mess, dishes, TVs etc. should be removed, covered or tidied away
  • Colours can play a big factor on our moods. Decorate and choose furnishings in soft blue, pale green, dusky pinks, lavender and neutral tones to instil calmness 
  • Lavender, jasmine and rosemary are scents that help to relax you. Pick candles, potpourri or diffusers with these scents.

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