Beauty How To: Using a Diffuser

Posted on Aug 22 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

We all know what a diffuser is, but it usually spends its day at the back of the closet buried under unseasonal clothing. However, it’s time to dig it out, as we share with you some top tips from Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director on how to use it and get those waves, curls or even just a boost in volume, that you’ve always dreamed of.

A diffuser dries hair by gently diffusing the heat, as opposed to blowing or blasting the hair dry. It’s therefore particularly good to dry naturally curly hair as it helps to maintain the shape of the curl.

Always use a diffuser with the heat setting on low and don’t keep the heat in the same position for too long, move it around. Dispersing the heat is key to a diffuser and is what helps reduce frizz.

If you’re looking to create more volume, a diffuser is great for this too. For more volume at the root, gently massage the scalp with it to create more lift.

You can also use your hands to mold the hair into shape. If you don’t have curly or wavy hair generally, twist your hair around your fingers and insert into the diffuser to help give you that appearance. If you’re looking for more wavy hair, use larger sections of hair at a time and for more curls, smaller sections. If you have curly hair use these same principles to determine how much curl and volume you get.

The best way to use a diffuser though is to apply product to the hair to help achieve the desired effect and movement. Good curl enhancing products include Bed Head Screw It hydrating jelly oil- designed to reduce frizz and tame flyaways and Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream which defines waves and curls and gives a light hold.

TIGI Diffuser

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