There are just some days when your hair does not cooperate. If you’re running late too, the last thing you need or want is to have to wash your hair or try and work with it like a lion tamer.

For those days where your hair just won’t go your way, we’ve picked our favourite high street accessories that can solve any hair dilemma in a flash.

Spiral hair bands for effortless yet stylish out the way looks

Spiral hair bands are most known for their comfort factor. Unlike elastic hair bands, they don’t really cause a headache for wearing one and they’re less likely to rip your hair as you remove one.  Additionally, they don’t leave a kink that’s as severe so you can go from hair up to hair down and back again in no time nothing.

But what we love most about them, is the effortless styles that you can create with them. Take the bun video below, you don’t need anything more than a spiral band to create the look. So when it comes to whipping your hair up and out of the way quickly, even done so messily, it still looks great.

Spiral bobbles

Hair scarfs for dressing a hair do up

Hands up if you just shove your hair into a ponytail when you’re dealing with a bad hair day? Who doesn’t! It’s the easiest way to get around unkempt hair do or when you just want it out of your face. But we’re so done with the boring elastic look when there are so many gorgeous hair scarfs out there that instantly transform the look. And so effortless to go from bad hair day to good hair day.

Hair tools to transform your do

We sure do love hair tools for turning a hair don’t to a hair do and you can’t go wrong with the multi-styler. Create an effortless and chic bun or French twist in no time nothing. You’ll be amazed at how quick you can go from office scruff to office chic.

Multi-styler hair tools for buns and french twists.

Headbands are great for disguising

Headbands can conjure some nightmarish school image but they get a bad rap. Especially when there are so many cute and vibrant designs out there. If you suffer from wispy, frizzy or kinky hair following your beauty sleep, a wide headband is your solution.  

Top Knot Headband

Top-knot headband

Re-style- if you’ve got the time

If you’ve got a little time in the morning, give yourself a second day blow-dry. A spritz of dry shampoo, styling spray and a little heat with a ceramic barrel brush will all help to freshen up your hair. Allowing you to style it how you like or wear it as is.

We hope these tips have helped. What is your go-to when dealing with a bad day? Do you throw it into an elastic and hope for the best or preserve until you get the look you want? Let us know and share your tips with us below.

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