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Taking your baby out and about
Travelling with your baby is a great idea. Travel writer Abigail Blasi of The Telegraph vouches for it noting how your baby will be thrilled to see all the sights and sounds, as long as all their needs are met. Preparation, therefore, is key for any trip involving a baby, which makes it vital to remember the essential equipment to keep your bundle of joy safe and comfortable. This, in turn, will ensure that both you and your baby will enjoy your great outdoor adventures together.

Car seat

Safety should be a priority, especially when your baby is riding in your car. This is why a car seat should be one of the first investments you make as a parent, as it will reduce any risk of injury while the car is in motion. Not all car seats, though, are created equal, and you’ll have to pick an EU-approved one (the one with the capital E in a circle). That being said, the Britax Römer Baby-Safe2 would be an excellent choice. This car seat featured by The Independent conforms to UK sizing standards, and you can use it until your baby reaches 13kg or 83cm. Importantly, it boasts of superior side-impact protection, deep padding for comfort and extra protection, and extra adaptors to make it compatible with most pushchairs. Given all that, the Baby-Safe2 is still reasonably priced at £190.

Feeding bottles

Wherever your travels take you, one thing is certain: Your baby will get hungry every 2–4 hours. If you’ve followed the signing tips taught here by Sing and Sign, your baby will be able to tell you that they want to eat or drink milk. This is why it is important that you bring along a few feeding bottles. Depending on how long your trip is, you’ll need to bring anywhere between 3–6 bottles. Now, in case you’re feeding your baby breast milk via bottle, make sure that your supply is stored in a clean container and chilled; otherwise, it’ll spoil easily.

Push chair

Carrying your toddler everywhere would be inconvenient. That’s why you ought to invest in a sturdy pushchair so you and your baby can fully enjoy the great outdoors. Fortunately, whether you’ve got a single baby or twins to take care of, there are plenty of modern pushchair designs that are perfect for all terrains and family sizes. In fact, the double pushchairs presented on iCandy show how many modern designs are made to be in tandem (the two cots in alignment not side-by-side). This slim design allows you to manoeuver the pushchair easily, without sacrificing space for your baby or making getting onto public transport too much of a hassle. Many pushchair designs these days are also built for flexibility, as you can convert them from a double pram to a single pram and vice versa. This is one investment not to skimp on, as it will last you through many outdoor trips.

Right clothing

Finally, you’ll need to bring with you some spare clothing for your baby — but you can’t just put any piece of clothing in your travel bag, as you’ll have to carefully pick clothes. In particular, consider bringing at least two long-sleeved t-shirts, a sleeveless vest, and a fleece top-layer for adequate protection against the elements and even insects. You must also bring extra diapers, as well as couple of muslin squares that you can use as changing mats, wipes, bibs, emergency nappies, or tea-towels.

As long as you have the essentials every trip outdoors, be it a trip to town, a stroll through the park, or a weekend away will be easy. All it takes is a little planning and making sure you have the right gear.

This post was written in collaboration with Emma Nash.

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