For centuries and in cultures around the world, there has been various ways to celebrate the expectation or the birth of a new baby. In recent times though, we’ve adopted the custom of baby showers. A concept derived from America in the 50s and 60s.

A baby shower is a party in which the expectant mother is showered with gifts for her and her baby. There is usually games and food, hosted in the afternoon or early evening.

What most expectant mums want, is celebrate the good news of the expectant baby, seek advice from mothers (especially if you’re going to be a first-time mum), put your feet up and enjoy a good catch up with friends and family before the babies arrive.  But because traditionally a shower is an expectation of gifts (regardless if you state no gifts), it is regarded as uncouth for the expectant mother or close relatives to organise this celebration. Etiquette dictates it should be coordinated by a distant relative, such as an aunt or cousin, or friends.

But having a baby is a major deal and if you’re wanting to mark the occasion in some way, you can avoid the taboo of coordinating your own party by throwing what we’re calling, a pregnancy party.

For ‘mum’ and dad’

expectant parents

Instead of this being an event for just the expectant mum, include the partner or spouse too and host it together.

Let them invite the lads over and separate the group into ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, The men can enjoy cigars, and if they’re feeling chatty, they can share parenting advice with each other too- as well as the macho ‘if anyone comes near my daughter…’ talk.

Mum’s can enjoy a natter, share words of comfort, stories of joy, and play the traditional games you’d expect at a baby shower:

  • What’s the size of bump?#
  • Guess the birth date, weight, height, eye colour, hair colour etc.
  • Decorate a onesie
  • Baby bingo

Make it a surprise!

Pregnancy announcements and gender reveal celebrations are also becoming the norm. You could use the pregnancy party as an opportunity to incorporate this as a theme if you’re wanting to share the news.

baby gender

It’s not a food baby

Don’t make it stressful on yourself though. If you’re looking to put on food, make it something casual and easy. You could always ask the men to take control of this aspect and host a BBQ. Alternatively, an afternoon tea is always a success. You could have sandwiches and cakes prepared at your local supermarket to make it even easier on yourself. Friends and family will undoubtedly want to lend a hand so if they offer to bring something along, pick something up for you, do accept!

The beauty of celebrating in this way is you are getting all of the benefits of a baby shower (and you’ll still undoubtedly be showered in gifts) but it’s in a way that your involving everyone in the very happy time in your life, without any expectations on your guests.

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