The autumn winter season is anything but drab when we’ve got new trends and colour palettes to explore. And the Autumn Winter season has lots of excuses for us to get dressed up. We’ve got weddings, Halloween, fireworks, all aspects of Christmas including the parties leading up to it and the day itself as well as New Year.

So be excited for a change in season and get familiar with the hair and beauty trends for this time of year.

Chic Chignons


Harrods version of the Chignon as found on Pinterest

It’s a versatile style perfect for this time of year. You could, as Vogue suggests, give it a corporate feel by slicking the hair back off the face, fastening it with a bold clip a la Alexandra Wang or fix it in a knot at the base of your neck with pretty fastenings for a romantic take on the look a la our latest royal Meghan Markle

Seasonal Sparkle


There’s no escaping glitter for the festive season but don’t just save it for a special occasion. Luminate your facial features by adding a little glitter eyeshadow to your repertoire, apply a light dusting across your cheekbones and/or add a little to your body lotion to give your skin a sheen.


Blow Dry

Spending a bit of extra time on your blow-dry will help you to create more volume, hold, desired looks for an up-do and take care on how it’ll fall and ultimately the shape it holds. Additionally, it’ll save you from washing your hair too frequently and it’ll still look freshly washed.

Follow our how-to guide to get the best results

Luscious Lashes


Lashes are getting bigger and bolder and if yours are not as full or long as you desire, fake it until you make it. If you don’t fancy the cost or time to maintain extensions, a lash lift could be what you’re looking for. A lash lift uses similar chemicals to a perm to help lift the lashes giving you a more wide-awake appearance for up to 6 weeks. Team with a lash tint to make it look and feel like you’ve got mascara on all the time; you can even use with your mascara to create a more dramatic look.


Bold lip

Bold and beautiful lip colour is what you’re looking for when it comes to this trend. The contrast of a bold lip with natural eyes is delightful this time of year. We’re a big fan of crimson reds for the autumn winter season.

Layering skincare

It will be tempting to pile on the heavier foundations when we lose a lot of the natural sun that gives that summer glow. As tempting as it may be, layering is a better alternative. After your day cream use BB/CC creams and primers to build and even out skin tone and complexion. opt for a primer with a shimmer in it to give you a natural lift. This trend will deliver results and your skin will be happier for it.

Red Head

Red Head

Looking to change your colour for the upcoming season? Red Head is the colour of the season, in all it’s variations! We particularly love a strawberry blonde, cherry for something bold and bright or mahogany for something a little darker.



We couldn’t have an autumn, winter season without it! The smokey eye is back on trend for this season and we couldn’t be happier. The bold eye is best with a more natural lip and a must have party season style.

Check out our how-to guide to perfect the smokey-eye.

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