Money management on the go has never been easier thanks to the abundance of financial management apps readily available for smartphones and tablets. These tools let you keep tabs on your spending, create budgets, and even set up automatic saves, all in real-time. Whether as part of your financial goals, or to take better control of your finances, here we look at some of the most popular and useful mobile money management apps in the UK.

Money Dashboard

You can link all of your bank and credit card accounts through this app, which will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your spending by category. You may also set financial goals and budgets, as well as receive notifications when your spending goes above them.

If you’re struggling to meet your financial budgets each month, this can be particularly helpful in helping you spot where those odds and ends seem to go. It can help you re-evaluate your budgets, to allow for those little incidentals (you shouldn’t deny yourself a chocolate bar if you want one, or a coffee for that matter, as and when those cravings arise), or cut back on unnecessary expenses (like duplicated insurances!).

Digital-only banking: Monzo and Chase

By providing real-time transaction alerts, budgeting tools, and the ability to block your card in the event of a loss, Monzo, the mobile-only bank, offers a unique way to manage your money.

Although Monzo was certainly the first (and arguably most popular), there has been a rise in digital-only banks that offer and deliver some of the best services in the banking market. Chase, for example, a US based physical bank, have a digital only service in the UK that operates in a similar way to Monzo (real-time tracking, Mastercard protection, and is a perfect companion for travel as they don’t charge any fees to use your card abroad and they match the exchange rate offered by Mastercard which often can’t be beat). In addition, Chase is also offering competitive saving rates (2.7%*) and offer all new customers 1% cashback on all transactions. They also have a unique offer where you can roundup your transactions to the nearest pound and the difference is automatically moved into a savings account where you’ll earn 5%* in interest.

With no bricks and mortar costs, digital banks are able to pass these savings on.  

*rates correct at time of publishing.


This tool watches your spending, automatically categorises your transactions, and sends you individualised insights to assist you in saving money.


If you’re someone who wants to start investing their money, but don’t seem to have any income left at the end of the month to do so, this software analyses your bank accounts and therefore your spending, including subscriptions, as well as your bank account balances in one place to help you review spending, avoid late payments (and therefore fines) and see where there is an opportunity to invest. Additionally, they can help you start your investment journey.


If saving is a challenge, this tool allows you to set savings goals and track your success while automatically saving small amounts from your current account to help you accumulate funds over time.


With the help of this app, you can start investing with just £1. If you’ve really struggled to understand the jargon or are apprehensive about investing yourself, without the support of a professional, Moneybox can help you understand investing and saving better, it also offers a choice of investment options and educational materials to help you make informed decisions.

Spending Tracker

This app is great for monitoring your out-of-pocket expenses. It allows you to manually enter transactions and provides numerous charts and statistics that detail your spending. It gives you a very simple income and expenses overview which can help you take control on overspending.

These apps can help you manage your finances whether you’re at home or on the move. All of them are simple to use and offer a selection of choices that can help you create a budget, save money, and make investments in the future. Some of these have a crossover offering so spend some time looking into the options that best suit your situation to help you achieve your financial goals.

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