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Exercising and getting fit can be challenging, especially when you don’t want to spend hours on a treadmill or lifting weights. If you are one of these people but still want to get fit, you may be struggling to find the right thing for you.

Fear not, though; there are dozens of brilliant ways to get fit that are not only fun but will also make you forget you are even exercising, to begin with.

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Learning a new sport/skill

One of the easiest ways to do fun exercise is to learn a new sport or skill. This can range from learning to play tennis, learning to skateboard, or learning to hula hoop or doing a skipping routine.

Therefore, pick up one of the many sustainable skateboards or go out and get a skipping rope, and begin practising; you’ll be so busy trying to master a new move or skill that you won’t realise you are exercising.

Trail biking

Trail biking is a fun twist on traditional cycling because you are able to explore huge parts of the wilderness around you, speed around corners, and maybe do a jump or two. Considering you don’t have to worry about cars, you can focus more on having a good time.

Trail biking also allows you to go much further than you would if you were running or walking, and you can explore and discover somewhere new every time you go out.

Beach sports

Beach sports have been one of the best ways to “exercise without exercising” for as long as anyone can remember. Whether it be paddle ball, volleyball, or simply just a game of catch, it is one of the best places to exercise for one simple reason; the sand.

The sand makes it difficult to step, walk, and run and requires you to make more effort than usual. Because of this, it is a workout just to get around on the sand, let alone play a sport or game on it.

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Dog walking

If you want to exercise and have some fun while you do, why not get outside with your favourite furry friend? Dog walking is a staple when it comes to fun exercise as you can do it for ages, and you will often lose track of time, too.


Geocaching is a hobby that is slowly becoming more and more popular around the world. In simple terms, the activity involves hiding an item or items, and then GPS users try and find it using coordinates.

Similar to a massive Easter Egg hunt, geocaches can be found almost anywhere as it is a worldwide hobby. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but finding something and leaving something for the next person is very satisfying.


While not necessarily “fun” to some, yoga is a great way to get fit because, in many ways, it is much easier. You don’t need any equipment except for a yoga mat; you can do it wherever you are, and the different styles of yoga suit different abilities and needs.

Because of this, yoga is great for almost anyone and has the additional benefit of helping you to calm your mind and destress your body.

Nature walks/hikes

Another classic in the world of fun exercising is walking and hiking. Both are an exceptional way to get fit as you often do far more than just walk. Hikes, for example, require you to go on different terrains, up and down hills, and do a bit of climbing sometimes.


If you went to, or go to, a lot of music festivals, you are probably sometimes surprised by how long you can dance for without getting tired. This is because dancing is easily one of the best cardio workouts you can do; there is a reason aerobics, Tae Bo, and other forms of cardio exercise have dance elements in them.

The best thing is that you don’t have to do any dance in particular; simply moving your body around and getting your heart rate up for an extended period of time is more than enough to constitute a workout.

Playing outside with the kids

If you have kids, getting outside and playing a few games with them will be much more tiring than you may think. Whether it be catch, tag, or whichever game they want to play, you will be sweating in no time.

Image credit: Peter Idowu, Unsplash

Martial arts

Finally, an activity that is not only fun but is also good for the body, mind, and soul is martial arts. In particular, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been praised across the world as being a martial art that will not only test your body and mind but will allow you to have a great time doing it too.

Grappling is an incredible workout, and testing your skills against other practitioners is one of the most frustrating but rewarding things you can do. There isn’t anything quite like BJJ, and you will be sweating and out of breath for most of the time, but you won’t struggle to keep going.

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