Activities for a Rainy Day

Posted on Apr 4 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

If the Easter holidays have taught us anything, it’s that it’s pretty challenging to keep children entertained; especially when the weather is pretty disastrous. So when the kids are home from school or nursery, it’s always good to be armoured with a plan B- just in case the weather isn’t great or you (and the children) are in desperate need of some down time.

To inspire we share 5 activities that you can do within the home.

Fort building

Gather your sheets, blankets and throws and build yourself and your little ones and empire!

Use beds, tables, stools, chairs or pillows to hold the sheets in place. Alternatively, use string and pegs to hang non-weight bearing sheets from the ceiling light to create a greater space fit for standing.

Decorating internally is the most important aspect though. You could make your own bunting, paper chains or paper pompoms to decorate, and use fairy lights to provide adequate and cosy lighting.  Keep a corner exclusive for a reading nook, a space for smaller toys and provide plenty of snacks and drinks- we’re sure they’ll be happy spending hours in their hand-made space that’ll no doubt inspire many adventures.

Make a small town

Instead of tossing away cereal, fruit juice, tissues boxes and any other cardboard waste, keep for just such an occasion.

Encourage the little ones to create their own town, mapping out important features such as schools, shops and other facilities, roads and even the cars on them as well as people. Help them to first plan what they want their town to have, help them to cut and set the town up and then paint the end project- we’re sure this is something that’ll take quite a long time to do but is always something you can continually work and build on.

Let their imaginations run wild and create something truly unique.

Board games

Teach your children some classic games like chess, draughts, card games etc. such games are proven to help children think more creatively, increase problem solving skills, help develop memory skills and potentially improve IQ. Additionally, playing with your children in such a way is a bonding experience in itself and likely to provide lasting memories; especially if they’re fond of playing such games, it could even become a regular, family activity.

Make Believe

Help develop your children’s creative side through make-believe and dress up.

Have a dressing up chest which you build up over time charity shop finds, gifts etc. so that on rainy days or days when you need to stay at home, they can experiment with a whole range of characters. Provide props, clothing and even makeup to help them create different personas.

You could even encourage them to create a play and act it out to you. This will help them to develop their reading, writing, performing (or at least public speaking) and creativity skills, as well as help them to build confidence. Plan out a story with a beginning, middle and end, with some dialogue for the characters and help them to explore where the characters are and what they’re doing (which you could also decorate- make it a week long project doing a bit each day to help towards the end performance!)

Get crafting

When you’re out and about on walks collect rocks, twigs, leafs, and shells etc. that you can use for crafting as and when.

You can use pebbles/rocks for rock painting which can be decorative in the garden, given as gifts or even shared in town where other young children are likely to discover your finds (a very popular activity at the moment).

As for twigs, leafs, pinecones etc. you could create a seasonal art piece. Encourage your children to create a piece of art just using the items they find on walks- ensure you dry them out or clean them up first.

Tassels, bunting and pompoms are beautiful additions to any children’s bedrooms. Encourage the children to make their own and help them in their projects- it can even help them develop essential home skills like sewing.

We’d love to hear your ideas! Please share with us in the comments below what you do on rainy days.

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