10 Ways You Can Spruce up Outdoor Gardens for All Seasons

Written in collaboration with Ultra Decking.

Since outdoor space is a valuable asset, everyone wants to make the best use of it. Our timeless garden makeover ideas will make it easier for you to organize, plan, and decorate your home exterior, allowing you to make the most of it too.

These gardening ideas can help improve the beauty of your space, regardless of whether you have a big lawn or a small-sized patio, whether you’re limited by time, cash, or expertise.

There are numerous ways to dramatically beautify your garden without paying specialists for hard landscaping, which can also assist you in saving money on garden landscaping. We’ve compiled our top summertime selections and do-it-yourself garden design ideas to spice up your yard. We also have many simple garden ideas to consider, like rearranging furniture for a unique look. Plant a lot of fragrant flowerpots and herb gardens all over the patio area.

Consider applying a fresh lick of paint to your garden house or shed for an easy makeover. Also, installing an eco-friendly composite decking board in your outdoor space can dramatically upgrade your garden’s appearance.

Outdoor bars are fantastic. However, not everyone has enough room for an extra room. Instead, install a creative pull-down bar from a few pallets and some chains to turn a small space into your own personal entertainment area. Here’s how:

Create seating zones

Zoning your garden can improve spaciousness and provide everyone with a private outdoor space. The garden will appear better organized and utilized to its full capacity by partitioning the garden into different zones, each serving a distinct purpose.

Many homeowners believe that garden zones are made via structural additions. While it’s true that pots, barriers, panels, and hedges serve to divide your spaces, you can also do this by creatively arranging the seating area.

Create varying seating zones in one space so that they all feel unique and different from each other. For instance, a table and chairs for brunch, a floating seat or a lounge chair for quiet time, and casual seating zones defined with a natural woven rug.

Establish a living wall

Spruce up the walls of a backyard or dull brickwork by installing a few vertical screens. It could be a stand out feature through design or colour, or blended in with the other colours in the area. You could also add strong hooks to attach jar planters and fill them with herbal plants or climbing plants to create a budget living wall. And also, you can easily change these in different seasons to create some nice greenery, or colourful flora year-round.

Add some colourful planters

It’s the perfect time of year to make plans for some colour because a garden won’t look beautiful without it. Consider a selection of pots filled with summer-flowering bulbs or pre-planted pots to place over the area.

If you can’t wait for two or more months for your colourful blooms to come through, ensure the pots you get are lively and colourful.

Decorate and accessorise

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Be sure to invest in new accessories for your outdoor living space this year, think water-resistant mats, cushy furniture, etc. as well as garden craft and composite decking to create an elegant area to unwind. Add an electrically operated heater to stay comfy, and you’ll also get the best out of your new space all through the cooler and colder seasons too.

Create a quiet corner

Put effort into making your garden a tranquil and peaceful space, even if it’s just the one area. Add a garden bench or ornamental features in a quiet corner to create a space for silent meditation, enveloped by a vibrant sanctuary of plants.

Install artificial grass

Artificial grass is perfect if you wish for a beautiful, grassy lawn but lack time to care for it by trimming and watering it.

Use garden technology

Consider a self-watering plant container if you don’t have time to provide your plants with the water and nutrients they need on a regular basis. There is plenty of gardening technology available to simplify the maintenance of your outdoor space.

Paint the shed

A beautiful potting shed or stylish summerhouse can serve as the centrepiece of any garden, but an unkempt one can completely ruin the view. With a new coat of paint, you can liven up an outhouse easily. We’d go with sage green, bright blue, or dark grey.

Give fences a fresh makeover

Likewise, garden fence ideas can be a wonderful option for you to showcase your creativity. For a bold design, paint stripes in bold colour schemes, for example.

Add shade

To enjoy hot summer afternoons, create a shady area where you can relax and unwind. A simple canopy is simple to build – you can reuse an old glide or even bedspreads.

Another fantastic idea for a garden shade is a gazebo with a vibrant pattern. This will colourise your garden and provide a cool, shaded space where you can relax at any time of day, whatever the weather.

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