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Spending time and money on yourself can seem indulgent at the best of times, let alone when we’re faced with the increased pressure of rising costs and a schedule that provides minimal respite. But these are actually two very important reasons why you should take some time for yourself and give yourself some love, luxury and focus on your wellness and wellbeing. Here, we’ll show you how the ESPA Restful Collection is curated to provide holistic wellbeing from the outside in (and how it really works).  

Power of scents

Your olfactory senses, your sense of smell, is directly related to emotions and memories. This is  why aromatherapy treatment is so incredibly powerful; your mood can be instantly transformed, and/or you can be transported to a vivid memory,  simply with a scent. 

Lavender and clary sage are the two dominant scents in the Restful Collection which are two powerful relaxants that help to alleviate stress and anxiety, instill feelings of calm and peace, and helps to lower your blood pressure. But the collection is more than just the power of scent; it has been cleverly curated with products to form a routine that makes relaxation and the ability to drift off to sleep a piece of cake. 

How a bath helps

It includes the Restful Bath Milk, a silky, luxurious and creamy, oil-based formula that helps to nourish the skin, has antimicrobial properties (thanks to the addition of eucalyptus oil) and those powerful stress-busting and sleep inducing lavender and clary sage essential oils. The powerful combination of the bath milk and hot water will not  only help you to unwind, but get to sleep with more ease; baths are particularly good at helping muscles to relax and decompress, of letting go of the tension you’ve been holding onto for the day, which is why it is a great way to de-stress at the end of the day.  

Although a bath can increase your blood pressure (which also mimics a gentle workout), it is the subsequent rapid cooling when you step out that will help you to feel more tired. This is why a wind down time before bed is so important, your body needs to go through certain phases before you can actually drift off to sleep; this includes cooling the body down and a reduction in your blood pressure. A bath is a pretty lovely treat that can actually speed this response up. 

Did you know that your blood pressure is 20% lower during sleep than it is during the day?

WIN: ESPA Restful Collection and Wellness Candle Collection

A gentle massage

If you’ve been for a relaxing or peaceful aromatherapy massage, you’ll know just how powerful it is in helping you to de-stress and feel sleepier. The combination of aromatherapy scents – especially those designed to elicit sleep and/or relaxation,  and a massage with gentle and soothing pressure, promotes a greater sense of wellbeing and calm, both mentally and physically. 

Following your bath, it’s always a good idea to moisturise, not only to help lock in the moisture as well as continuing the benefits of the essential oils, but if you dedicate a little extra time on working the Night Cream into the skin, it can help to further aid relaxation and promote a greater quality of sleep. 

I loved this thicker cream for helping my skin feel softer and more supple and the scents are definitely more spa-like than woody, like some night creams often are. 

Harnessing your pulse points

The gorgeous ESPA Restful Collection, which is so beautifully packaged in its own vanity box, also includes a roll-on Pulse Point Oil from the Restful range. You may well know the benefits of applying perfume on pulse points and how this can promote a stronger and longer lasting smell. Well, there’s additional benefits to applying your oils and perfumes here too. The blood vessels are closest to the skin in these areas and will help to penetrate through the skin and into the vessels faster. As such, essential oils can get to work faster and help promote a greater sense of calm and wellbeing. Not only is the Restful Pulse Oil good for helping you at bedtime, but it’s also a good one to keep on your desk at work, or in your bag for when you need it most. As and when the day becomes a little overwhelming, dap a little of this on your skin and you’ll instantly feel just that little bit better and feel more able to take on the challenges in front of you. 

Setting the mood

As highlighted above, your sense of smell is a powerful tool that you can harness for better wellbeing. In addition to using essential oils on your skin, it can be really beneficial to spray your linens or bedclothes so as you rest in bed with a book, or close your eyes ready for slumber,  the scents can help to calm your nervous system, help your breathing to steady and kick start your sleep cycles. The Restful Pillow Mist, as part of the Restful Collection, utilizes those beneficial lavender and clary sage scents and helps as part of a building block in your wind-down routine. Over time, your memory will associate these scents with a more restful and peaceful sleep and make getting a good nights’ sleep easier each time. 

If your body is able to drift off into a restful and deep sleep, you’re more able to get the restorative benefits that sleep can deliver. In turn, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and energized. 

Additional touches you can make to your wind-down and night-time routine to encourage good quality sleep:

  • Candles 
  • Low lighting
  • Soft and plush towels
  • Create a no phone zone

The extra mile

In addition to aromatherapy, your environment is especially important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. For some of us, we can be more sensitive to light than others, especially in the summer months when the sun is up until late and rises so early. If you find you’re disturbed by the slightest ray of light, an eye mask will make a huge difference to your sleep quality. As the icing on the cake, this gorgeous set includes a luxurious silk eye mask that not only blocks out any unwanted light (and we mean any!), but silk is naturally good for the skin as it helps to lock in moisture, its delicate nature is good for sensitive skin, it’s breathable and  you’ll wake up crease-free with a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. 

I gave this set a try on a night I needed to get to bed really early. As someone who usually needs at least an hour of down time, I felt ready to sleep within 20 minutes of my bath. I was noticeably yawning more, my body felt more at ease and I was out like a light. Despite not getting my usual 7.5 hours sleep, I actually felt pretty good the next and more energized. Although I am not likely to follow every step each night, although a bath each night would be a good way to end the day, I love that I can use components of this set in combination with each other for a fully indulgent bedtime routine, or individually to elicit a relaxed and sleepy state. Whether you’re someone who struggles to get to sleep, get good quality sleep or simply finds it hard to shrug the day off, this is a fantastic set to help you feel calmer and certainly more at ease with the world. 

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