The Autumn season is the perfect time to get organised. Perhaps it’s something to do with the ingrained traditions of returning to school; getting your eyes checked, new shoes, winter coat, new books, pens, pencils etc. or perhaps it’s something more  natural like preparing for the colder weather. Whatever the reason, now is the time to get things in motion so we can approach the next couple of months without the added stress and anxiety, actually make time for ourselves rather than trying to cram everything into a weekend and generally enjoy OUR time and what the season has to offer. After all, in Autumn we can enjoy the fireworks, carnivals, Halloween and harvest- still lots to look forward to.

Schedule your check ups

Don’t delay any longer.  For some reason we often delay our routine appointments for a lack of time and assumption that all is well. It probably is. BUT routine appointments are best for prevention. So going for your cervical screening, eye test, dentist appointments, asthma checks are all imperative to being done in a timely manner as they’re able to make observations of changes to you personally not just what is deemed a universal standard. Any changes that can be identified and treated at the earliest opportunity will prevent untimely degeneration or developing something a whole lot worse.

Whilst you’re into scheduling, why not book in for something a little less regular. When you reach the age of 40, the NHS offers complimentary health checks every 5 years to offer you a health MOT as it were, to check blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol levels which gives a great indication as to how healthy you are. But don’t wait. If you’re concerned or want to know where you are, you can pay to have these checks done with a local pharmacist and for just £15 it’s well worth investing in your health as early as possible.

Time to rotate your seasonal clothing

It’ll soon be time to sort through your wardrobe once more and there is no better way to approach it than to schedule time to do it. You’ll definitely want to schedule in a couple of hours for this task as it’s the perfect time to have a good clear out. I estimate it’ll have been 6 months since you last went through this and if you didn’t wear it in the summer for whatever reason, it’s now time to go!

Check out our Spring Clean guide on ensuring you get the best out of this task, including a little handy print out we found!

Get your finances in order

I don’t know if you find it but there comes a point, around late August, where everyone starts talking about the C word- Christmas! But I suppose it’s always better to be prepared especially if you’ve got a long list of people to buy for.

I’d recommend starting up a spreadsheet on excel (it’ll allow you to see year on year for example and keep it private) or even just a scrap of paper and write a list of who you want to buy a gift for. Include everyone from your Aunt Mabel to the postman if that’s who you buy for. Next to each name allocate a budget and ensure you stick to it.

Keeping track in this way allows you to see how much you’re spending overall on Christmas (and therefore make changes the following year), ensure you don’t leave anyone out and it gives you something concrete to work from as you can develop a buying strategy. For example, you may say this month I am going to buy presents for all my nieces and nephews or I am going to such an event later this month and they’re bound to have something my mum will love. If you look at the list with a bit of dread, propose a secret Santa scheme with your brothers, sisters and their partners or just say I’ll buy for my nieces and nephews- make it feasible and manageable for you.

Whilst we’re talking about finances, we’d recommend taking a look at our money matters features. Why not set your future plans in motion too! We’ve got some money saving tips too that’ll help with that Christmas list too.

Experiment seasonally

Autumn seems like the best time to get experimental in the kitchen. As the colder days start drawing in, throwing everything in a pot to make a casserole, stew or soup is a winner.  Check out the seasonality table from BBC Good Food and be informed on what is coming into season to get the best from your dishes- seasonal food is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and higher in the goodness our bodies need!

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