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There’s really two purposes when it comes to buying new underwear; Is it comfortable? Do I like the colour? We don’t need to think beyond that, do we?

But what about material?

This may surprise you, but the material of your undies can have a massive impact on your health. Seriously!

Just think for a moment: There are a number of things can upset your nether regions. Your diet, general health and sports for example can all cause an imbalance and even infection. Now consider what fabric dyes and chemical compositions found in synthetic materials could do to you?

Cotton is best

Most Doctors and dermatologists will tell you that cotton really is best. It’s hypoallergenic, which helps alleviate and prevent irritation and it’s breathable which allows air to circulate freely and help prevent infection.

But if you’re looking to synthetic materials, look to stretchy materials such as spandex and polyester wherever possible. These materials have more flexibility but ensure it comes with a cotton patch for your crotch to give you that protection. The primary reason they advise against other materials is that other materials hold onto moisture which can lead to yeast infections.


We’d also recommend looking for panties that don’t have elastic all around the band and leg (including shapewear). This pressure can lead to urinary tract infections and cause permanent indentations/scarring on the skin. (Yikes!)


When it comes to underwear style?

When it comes to style, we have an abundance of choice. You’ve probably already got a preference, but should you ever need to know, the styles and what they can offer, are mapped out below:


G String

The smallest of the smalls. Perfect for bodycon dresses and other fitted outfits, to give the illusion you’re not wearing anything at all. But gives you the peace of mind you’re wearing something.


Have a slightly wider band than the g-string and considered to be more comfortable. They also give the illusion of not wearing anything at all because they complement the curvature of the body. If briefs are your go-to but need to hide the panty line, try a thong.


You can’t get much more relaxed than this style and as an added bonus, because of the full coverage, you don’t need to worry about panty lines and are seen as on par with thongs. Particularly a good choice if you’re worried about the length or style of your skirt.


Feel a little exposed in thongs and g-strings or just don’t find them comfortable enough? Wider space in the front, slim on the sides, and extra coverage in the back, bikini’s often have minimal elastic so offer a less visible appearance than briefs but closer to your favourite style if you just can’t face putting on a thong or g-string.


Are not really seen as the sexiest of undies, but who says so? And really, who cares? They’re just so darn comfy! Plus, they really are sexy! They come in all different colours, patterns and materials (including lace) so you’re sure to find something with a wow factor. They’re quite similar to bikinis, but offer more overall coverage. If you don’t care about pant lines (who does most of the time?) then these are a great go-to.

High waists

High waist panties are having a moment thanks to celebs and crop tops. This style was seen in music videos and worn by everyone on the beach last year. Although this trend may seem fresh, it’s actually quite retro.

The high waist sits on the waistline and higher up the leg. But offers full coverage like briefs.

How to take care of your underwear

We’re told to wash everything at the lowest temperature possible to consume energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Low settings are great for refreshing clothing that are only mildly soiled but when temperatures are not hot enough, they don’t kill off bacteria which can be harmful to health.

underwear care

This is especially important when it comes to underwear (we really won’t go into too much detail) but of course, underwear is prime breeding space for bacteria. It’s always best to wash your underwear in a separate load to your regular clothes to reduce the spread of bacteria to your other items. Additionally, we need to be washing them at the highest possible temperature to kill off any nasties. 60º is the best for killing bacteria but most underwear labels will stipulate 30º or 40º.

If the label needs you to wash them at lower temperature (and who wouldn’t want to if it also does a little something for the environment), then adding an antibacterial cleaner with your detergent such as Dettol’s Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser will kill 99.9% of bacteria even in low settings.

Tip: most underwear will happily go in the dryer too which will further contribute to killing harmful bacteria- just check your label first.

Some general undies tips:

Don’t wear thongs for working out

They’re tight fitting and generally move back and forth when you’re working out. The added moisture and movement could lead to urinary tract and yeast infections.

Tight clothing is like tight underwear

When we talked about elasticated underwear/shapewear, this also applies to tightly fitted clothing. It can have serious implications on your health if worn too frequently.

Try going commando at bedtime

It’s really the only time you should, it let’s everything breathe and helps prevent yeast infections.

Throw them away!

When your undies are too stretchy or the elastic starts failing, it’s time to bin them.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful! If you’re looking for more fashion-related advice, check out our fashion-related reads below!

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