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Why wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery? Every day we have is pretty special so it’s time to treat yourself to that piece you’ve got your eye on and wear it every day. Give yourself the gift of ethical and sustainably sourced jewellery and it’ll last a lifetime, something that could even be passed along the generations. Better yet, gift something beautiful to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day to let them know how much they mean to you. Here we look at the pieces to invest in.

Do your research on sourcing- look for detail on quality and craftmanship

Layered Aquamarine Necklace

We’re all becoming more conscious shoppers and want to ensure the pieces we buy are sustainable and ethical and that the brands we support strive to help us meet and continue our eco-goals. When it comes to jewellery, metals, gemstones, and pearls are needed to be sourced all over the world so it’s crucial to check if the jewellers align with your ethos and ever evolving standards.

At Mejuri the goal has always been about ethical and sustainable sourcing and curating luxury pieces at fair pricing– they produce fine jewellery at luxury standards, without the traditional markups. They’re committed to 100% traceability for all materials, ensuring they source conflict-free diamonds, support local communities and small businesses and not only that but they work with recycled materials, including gold, and ensure all suppliers are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Always look to the ‘about us’ page of a brand to understand their history and objectives. They should also outline a sustainability statement and details about the quality of materials and pieces they create to give you confidence in the pieces you buy.

Buy something you love or that you connect to them

Cluster Earrings

It could be a gemstone to match yours or their births or an occasion you align with them- a meeting, an anniversary or other special occasion. Perhaps it’s the kind of metals they wear- something you know they love and will wear every day.

You could be inspired by trends. In 2022, hoops- of various sizes- aren’t going anywhere and look great for the day or for that special occasion. Looking to stand out? Stackable rings are an effortless jewellery trend and you can even add pops of colour in pieces to be reflection of your current mood. Another trend, perfect for those looking to gift, get it engraved. It’ll be more special and more cherished.

Also take a look at the materials and the care they need- although it may seem stronger, 18K gold is weaker than a 14K solid gold which won’t tarnish or scratch as easily. If they’re someone who likes to wear their pieces all day, every day, give them something that suits their lifestyle.

Take good care of your jewellery

Croissant Dome Ring Mejuri

Croissant Dome Ring

It’s really important to do a little research on the materials within your piece to ensure you know the specialist care it needs. This will help to ensure that it stays tarnish and bump free with minimal scratches, to keep it looking its best over the years.

As a general rule of thumb, you can care for most golds, titanium, diamonds, and gemstones with the following tips:

  • Clean regularly with a soft bristled brush and detergent-free soap and water
  • Buff gently with a clean, dry cloth
  • When not wearing, store your pieces in a safe, dry place to protect it from the elements.

With other gemstones, such as pearls, and some other metals, such as vermeil and silver, follow the following advice:

  • Take your pieces off before applying products (e.g. perfume or body lotions) and before cleaning to help them look their best and avoid damage.
  • To clean tarnished sterling silver polish gently with a silver cloth.
  • Store in a safe, dry place when not wearing to protect them from the elements.

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