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It’s that time of the year when the town is painted red – yes, for Christmas of course, but watch out, Christmas with your loved one is a little more special. And this special occasion calls for some unique gifts that are customised with love and warmth! Too cheesy? Well, there’s no such thing! What’s romantic will always be romantic. On that lovey-dovey note, let’s take a look at some fun and lovable gifts to surprise your partner.

1. A mason jar – filled with memories

Isn’t Christmas just the perfect time to sum up the entire year in little notes? You could write little notes for your significant other for every special memory that you have had with them this year. The memories could be small moments or the big occasions together – if they are etched in your memory, they deserve a mention! That walk in the park in January to that roller coaster ride in October, they all need to be treasured. In a jar, specifically!

Don’t forget that personal message! Image Sticker Mule, Unsplash

2. Scents – with a twist!

Everyone likes a good fragrance – but what if you mixed up some scents for your partner? Now, that is cool. You could purchase their favourite fragrances or you could Google some tutorials on mixing scents or simply purchase two in one perfumes!

If you can’t find any in the stores around you, you can check online. The virtual world is full of options, and you can even find Christmas gift delivery services to make gifting more convenient!

3. Customised merchandise

You know it’s Christmas when you see a reindeer or Santa hat, right? But what if you changed it up a bit. Christmas calls for some fun, and you would be missing out if you didn’t have any! Hopefully, you have some embarrassing, awkward, cute, dashing pictures of your partner to get them printed on everyday items.

Some options are pillow covers, toothpaste, shampoo, bedsheets, diaries, etc., just make sure you cover everywhere so that they won’t miss out. You can even go for fun things like playing cards, scrabble, etc., anything to tell them how much they mean to you! And don’t forget to mention a fun Christmas tagline – As Santa Misses You! Or Rudolph Had A Shiny Nose But Not Even Close To Yours!

4. Go for the big toys

Who isn’t a sucker for the latest tech out there? You could spice things up with some fun innovations like a glass keyboard or a robot – if you can afford it! But even the latest iPad, ear pods, ps5, VR Glasses will do the trick. Find out something that your partner is interested in, you could add in some game CDs if they’re into that. But tech toys are cool, especially for both of you to spend time together!

A personlised gift shows care and attention. Image by Superkitina, Unsplash

5. Everyone loves furniture!

Notice your partner working from his bed, but his/her back is getting more slouched by the day? You need to check out some desks for him as soon as possible! Cupboards, shoe racks, side tables, chairs can be extremely thoughtful and helpful, especially for people who have just moved in or are looking for a change! The need for furniture is universal and if Christmas brings along a good mirror table, then who wouldn’t love that?

6. Soft toys

Cliched but true, soft toys – especially your favourite pokemon character or cartoon character, can brighten up a bad day! Nothing better than having a soft toy to comfort you and stay at your side when no one else is. And sometimes you’re going to be away from them too!

If you know which superhero your partner is a fan of or can find their favourite emoji in soft toy form, then it’s time to pick that stuff up. Some recommendations include anime characters, animals, food, funny faces, etc.


Sometimes, cheesy and cliched but just do it. Sure, red roses and candles work out just fine, but there’s a charm in surprising your girlfriend or boyfriend with presents that they wouldn’t expect but have been secretly wanting! You need to pay close attention to their wants and snoop around them watching their favourite show reruns, even if it is creepy.

Hope this article helped. Happy Holidays!

Featured image by Thanakorn on Pexels.

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