Since Facebook’s rise to mainstream popularity, we’ve seen social media explode as a way of communicating with friends (and strangers), capturing moments and showcasing our #blessedlife. But is all this having a negative impact on our real lives?

With around a third of people saying they feel cut off or lost without the internet, here are some reasons it’s time to take a break from social media.

Your mental health will benefit from a social media break

Take a break from social media

We’re all prone to measuring ourselves against others and being on social media makes it easier to compare our lives with celebrities and influencers, all of which can contribute to making us feel inadequate. Taking a break from social media helps improve self-esteem, as we realise what we have in our life is enough and we don’t need to compare ourselves. This could also lead to a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression.

Your spending habits will improve

Instagram is fast becoming a platform for shoppers, with 130 million users engaging with shopping posts every month. By taking a break from social media, it will help reduce your exposure to making unnecessary purchases, and help you manage your spending habits.

You’ll have more time for face to face conversations

Take a social media break

The average time spent on social media is 144 minutes per day; over the course of a week this equates to nearly 17 hours. By just taking two hours out of that time to meet with a friend on a weekend, you can reduce your risk of depression. As humans, we are social creatures and as such need that personal contact that a screen can’t offer us.

You’ll protect your privacy

Many apps require information such as your mobile number, age and location. While this may seem innocent enough, this can actually contribute to the rise in identity fraud. As more and more of our lives are being lived online, fraudsters are taking to social media to trawl for victims. Taking a break from social media will not only make you less of a target, but you’ll start seeing how much of our private lives we make public.

You’ll start feeling more focused

One of the reasons social media is so addictive is because it distracts us from the real world. As a result of this, we often lose sight of our goals as we compare ourselves to our peers who seem to be doing so much more. Taking a break from social media will help you rediscover what you want from life and how to start achieving it.

Social media has enriched our existence in so many ways, but it’s important that we don’t allow its influence to overtake our lives. Instead life is about balance, so find your social media balance and start living your #blessedlife instead of just posting about it!

This piece was created in collaboration with 118118 money.

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