9 things to do this summer

Posted on May 22 2019 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

We need something to look forward to so we’re planning ahead to summer. There is so much to see and do in the Summer, it can be impossible to know where to start! So we’re going to take the pressure off you- here are 10 things we recommend you do this summer; your summer bucket list if you will. We think these activities, whether you’re a couple or a family (with young or older children) will be enjoyed by all. We’d love to see your adventures so please do tag us in your social media posts.

1. Visit a historical landmark/site/place


Be a part of something huge! Take Stonehenge for example- it’s defined as prehistoric, protected as a World Heritage Site (recognised internationally as important and deserving special protection), dates back over 5,000 years, considered, by some, a Wonder of the World. This is a site of huge significance and historical heritage of great importance. By visiting such a site, your enriching your knowledge of our culture, heritage and experiencing something so phenomenal and architecturally awe-inspiring. Just think, when sites such as Stonehenge were created (let’s even consider some stately homes and castles), they certainly didn’t have the tools and machinery we depend on today! Take a look at the English Heritage site to see what you’ll discover next.

2. Head to a Lido

Clifton lido

Image provided by Nick on Flickr

Perfect for those particularly hot summer days, when you’re looking for something to do or just to get some exercise. Make sure you take plenty of sunscreen and apply each time you get out of the pool, wear a hat to to avoid sunstroke, especially if you don’t plan on doing any deep sea diving and drink plenty of fluids. Most Lido’s allow you to take your own food and drink or else they normally have little cafes, restaurants and tuck shops on site for your snack needs (ice cream is a must surely!).  Most Lido’s are only open for the summer season so although they can get quite busy, it’s well worth the visit.

3. Go to a festival

Notting Hill Carnival

Image provided by S Pakhrin on Flickr

The streets in every village, town and city come to life in the summer. Whether it’s a local village fete, a festival to highlight heritage or a huge music festival, there is always something going on; it’s just knowing where to look. Here is just a sample, a tantalizing taste of where you can go this Summer:

Itching to get summer started, the Bath and West show is a must! You’ll learn a lot about agriculture, see tons of shows from falcons and horses and awards for cows and cheese; the food selection is incredible a hot dog, pimms and some strawberries and cream are essential!

We always look forward to the return of the Bristol Harbour Festival (19th-21st of July) too. A free 3 day event to celebrate the city’s maritime heritage with an array of entertainment, activities, food, drink and fireworks.

There is also the international and hugely popular  Notting Hill Carnival (24th-26th August). The largest street festival in Europe, Notting Hill Carnival, is a celebration of Caribbean communities cultures and traditions.

The Balloon Fiesta of course returns to Ashton Court (8th-11th August). Watch the early morning assents, nighttime spectacular and taste food from around the world. Relax and enjoy a few ciders in the sunshine (of course everything evolves around cider, this is the South West after all!). 

4. Take a road trip

It doesn’t have to be a vacation, it could just be a day out


You don’t necessarily need a destination to go on an adventure or even spend days at a time on the road. It could be as simple as filling your car with fuel and finding a quaint little pub in the country or finding a spot that’s worth an explore. Sometimes the most impromptu adventures are the most memorable; you may find a spot you never knew you were looking for. We live in a really pretty country so just enjoy the sites; don’t forget the tunes though!

5. Educate yourself- Go to an exhibition/museum

Natural History museum London

Not only may you learn something new but mostly, it doesn’t cost a penny! So if you’re stuck for something to do whether rainy or not (sometimes we just need somewhere cool to go and hide), head to your local museum or gallery. I bet you’ll be surprised with what you find and it’s a great way to spend a day.

6. See a film under the stars

movie under the stars

There is nothing more romantic and arguably more civilized than snuggling under a blanket to watch a movie under the nights sky. Whether an old time favourite or discovering something new for the first time, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable evening.

Backyard Cinema and The Luna Cinema are national companies that run regular events. If you’re looking for something truly spectacular, attend a themed screening by Secret Cinema, it’s more than just a screening of your favourite movie, it’s living it too!

If you can’t find an outdoor cinema near you- why not create your own; see our Pinterest board for inspiration.

7. Play sports


Take a frisbee to the park, play hit and catch with a bat and ball in the street (mind the cars!), hit the tennis courts, go rollerskating, plan a cycle ride, gloomy and rainy? Go bowling! There are endless possibilities to getting a little exercise that can prove fairly inexpensive, particularly if you already have the equipment to hand. What’s more, you’ll unleash your inner child (I don’t know about you but I rarely get to play group sports anymore), get lungfuls of fresh air and feel immensely good and happy once you’re done!

8. Be an explorer!

Wood exploring

Whether you have children or not- we all love a sense of adventure. Steak out your local woods, find a walking route/somewhere to visit with the National Trust (as a recommendation- pay a visit to the Lily Ponds at Bosherston- make sure you pay a visit to the most secluded, beautiful beach you’ll ever see), visit a place you’ve never been to but have wanted to. Wear a good pair of shoes, take your camera to capture the jaw dropping beauty, dare to go where you’ve never been before and live for the moment.

9. Go star gazing

Starry Sky

Whether camping under the stars or not, enjoy the Perseid Meteor shower which returns between the 17th and 24th of August, peaking on the 12th and 13th. Earth Sky argue that this shower is perhaps the most beloved meteor shower of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, as they’re known to be fast and bright meteors, leaving persistent trains. The Perseid shower builds gradually to a peak, often producing 50 to 100 meteors per hour in a dark sky. The Perseids tend to strengthen in number as late night deepens into midnight, and typically produce the most meteors in the early hours before dawn, with the meteors appearing in all parts of the sky (no need to wonder which direction/which constellation to look at).

We hope our little guide has been inspiring for your summer season. What do you like to get up to in the summer?

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