8 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home With Spring/Summer 2018 Must-Haves

Posted on Mar 14 2018 - 11:15am by Guest writer

By Holly Barry, @HJBarry

With the arrival of spring, the days start to get longer and lighter.  As a result, we tend to take a critical look at the interior of our homes in the bright light of day and think about what we could refresh.

The sunlight streaming through the windows can highlight the shabby appearance of walls and furnishings. The use of log burners and fireplaces during the winter can result in the walls needing a fresh coat of paint with the added ash and soot in the air.

With the need to re-paint anyway, this is an ideal time to incorporate the new trends of the season. Take a look at the spring/summer 2018 must-haves for any stylish home:

Rich pigments

Jewel colours

After many years of greys and whites being on-trend, colour is set to be bolder and darker for spring/summer 2018. Rich, sumptuous dark jewel colours are the latest thing – think of the style of updated and modernised Victorian drawing room.

The striking navy/ red combination continues to dominate from the catwalks to interiors. Emerald green is also popular – imagine luxurious emerald green velvet throws and cushions with touches of copper. Alternatively, pair rich dark blue walls with marble and gold.

Minimalist industrial chic

marble brass

Industrial chic is set to continue its reign at the top of the hot list – however, it is set to be pulled back to the basics for minimalist chic.

The same exposed brick and concrete elements will be popular, but simple touches like statement lighting or crockery will immediately bring this high fashion out of the trendy bars and into the home. Just remember to hide your clutter away to complete the look.

Dark woods

Dark woods

This year, we will see the move away from Scandi pale woods to the glamour of dark woods. Dark woods such as mahogany, mango wood, dark oak and textured walnut add richness and depth to a room.

Think dark wood bookshelves with antique books, glamorous coffee tables, and even dark wood panelling on the walls.

Reclaimed wood is being combined with a contemporary steel frame, in a mix of old and new. Add a Turkish rug to the room and a few plants for flashes of green to complete the look.

Tropical prints

tropical prints

Retro cocktails have been back in fashion for a while now, and cocktail lounges are dripping with exotic opulence with plant pots filling every corner. Imagine conservatories and orangeries with wicker furniture, lots of greenery and palm prints.

This injection of greenery looks striking when set against the dark shades of wood furnishing that are also on-trend.

Look out for any tropical, exotic, or safari elements that you can add to your home. Dunelm has a Voyager range that incorporates palm prints, tropical leaves, elephants, monkeys, parrots and flamingos in themed decor.

Global travels


Set perfectly alongside your tropical prints, the travel theme is also set to be big this spring/summer. Think crafted textiles, tribal patterns, Greek and Moroccan tiles, and earthy colours.

Keep an eye out for any exotic artifacts in antiques markets and charity shops and build the room around them. If you have been travelling, bring any souvenirs out from the back of the cupboard – it is time to display them.



Mention fringing and everyone immediately thinks the 1960s – but it is a trend which keeps on coming back, and isn’t just confined to the hipster bars and lounges in Dalston, East London.

There aren’t many places where a fringe trim can’t go! Expect to see fringes on lampshades, the bottoms of sofas, throws and cushions.



Last year was all about pineapples, flamingos, cactus, and unicorns – all very kitsch. However one truly classical element stands above the fads – the pineapple.

The pineapple has long been seen as an expression of ‘welcome’ in the home, symbolising hospitality, friendship and warmth.

The classic pineapple design can be found in numerous locations inside and outside the grand stately homes across the UK – fashionable in the eighteenth century. Look out for stone pineapples in manor house gardens on gate piers, balustrading and in classical architectural embellishments for your inspiration.

This season will see more gold and bronze pineapples in chandeliers, candle holders and prints.

You don’t have to spend much money – if hosting a dinner party, a decorated pineapple as a table centrepiece, surrounded by exotic fruits, red grapes and candles will be striking – think of lavish paintings featuring Bacchus for inspiration.

Botanical prints


This season we are going to see lots of botanical print inspiration within the home. Prints of flowers, insects and leaves are traditional, but you will be able to see these elements across the decor ranges.

You can buy framed botanical prints as a starting point and then pick the colours out of the pictures for use in the room; perhaps some moss-green cushions and throws, or a lampshade with an insect print.

The botanical print theme is perfect in a country home where you can reflect yellow and moss-green tones, but also can be modernised for a city house – symmetrical botanical prints look elegant against on-trend dark painted walls of a Victorian town house.

Introducing a butterfly or bee theme to a room can also be fun – look out for all the themed cushions and bedding on the market.

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