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There is something so satisfying about an organised wardrobe. Plus, it makes it easier to put an outfit together when everything is so well laid out. From having recently re-organising our closet, I thought I’d share our 8 must-haves to help you organise yours.

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Matching hangers may be purely decorative but it does make it more appealing to the eye. It’ll makes your clothes look more striking and easier to identify an item you’re looking for faster.

Wooden hangers

Pack of 20 hangers £14.99

If you are short on closet space (and who isn’t!), space savers can help you cram so much more into your wardrobe. But, at first glance it’ll make it seem like you have less. They’re also great for organising your clothes into outfit, by category or even colour.

Space Savers

Space savers, 6 pack for £8.99

Although you can hide a mess behind a closed drawer, it can cause quite a bit of frustration and stress if everything is jumbled together and looking a little scrunched. If your bras are sharing a drawer with your pants, or your casual tees are sharing a drawer with your smart/work tees, you may benefit from drawer organisers to help keep everything in its place. We love this chevron pattern, set of 6 drawer organisers from Anayra for £11.33.

Drawer organisers

Anayra drawer organisers set of 6 for £14.33

One for him and one for her, this hanger can help you to organise belts, ties, scarves and jewellery, ensuring everything has its place.

tie, scarf and jewellery organisers

Hangerworld belt, tie, jewellery organiser £7.95

Don’t have anywhere to store your hairdryer, brush or straighteners? We don’t mind leaving it out if it looks organised but strewn cables are enough to drive anyone mad. Thankfully, there are organisers specifically for these too! This JackCubeDesign stand has a place for all your hair needs and a bit more, £26.90.

hairdryer organisers

JackCubeDesign hair organiser in stock in white for £37.90

If you need to create more space in your wardrobe so you have a place for t-shirts, trousers and jumpers, a hanging shelf could be just what you need. They hold a surprising amount of weight and can help you to maximise what little space you may have. A neutral colour will help give the appearance of more space too!

hanging shelves

MaidMAX 6 shelf organiser £11.49

As for your shoes, storing them in boxes helps with longevity, ensuring they don’t get scuffed or broken. If you don’t have the original shoe boxes, a shoe caddy could help. This shoe organiser from not only gives you a place to put them but you’ll be able to see what’s in each one without having to riffle through until you find what you’re looking for!

shoe organisers

SONGMICS shoe organisers set of 3 £29.99

Just don’t have the space for shoe boxes? There are organisers to store your shoes on the back of a door too. Keeping them neat and tidy and still looks great.

shoe organisers

MaidMAX shoe organiser, £8.99

Do you have any wardrobe organisational tips? We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas in the comments below or email us:  

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