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London is packed with amazing places, sights and venues, and it can be hard to decide which are the ones you really want to experience. Here are eight highlights coming up in 2022, any one of which would be a memorable experience: take in one or two, or try and do them all!

New Year at Big Ben

It is an annual delight for many people in the UK: watching the televised countdown to the New Year and then enjoying the fireworks display over the houses of parliament and Big Ben. But being there in person is a wonderful experience: being surrounded by diverse people from all walks of life, all there to celebrate the beginning of the new year with all its attendant hopes and fears.

Spooky – but beautiful – Southwark Cathedral!

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is a wonderfully atmospheric building and well worth visiting at any time of the year. In February 2022, join a special tour and learn how to take beautiful candle-lit photographs of the building, other people and more. Who knows? You might end up with a new hobby, or even a new profession!

Hampton Court Palace Festival

June sees a uniquely British mix: ancient and venerable historic buildings alongside thoroughly modern musicians and hordes of starstruck fans! The festival runs for a week, from the 8th to the 16th of June and boasts a wide line-up of stars from nearby and from far away. Hampton Court also hosts a variety of great festivals – check out their tickets and events here.

Musical theatre

Musicals are enjoying something of a revival. After the grim and lonely dreariness of the coronavirus pandemic, it is time for good company, lively dancing, and catchy songs. Take in Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Lion King, or even Wicked and let your serotonin levels rise.

Beatrix Potter at the V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum, the repository of hundreds of thousands of fascinating artefacts from all over the colonised world and beyond, is hosting a Beatrix Potter exhibition in which her original watercolours will be on display alongside information about her life, the area of outstanding natural beauty in which she lived and worked, and the enduringly popular characters that she created.

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

While temperatures are low – usually December to January – the Natural History Museum lays down an ice rink. The scenes, surrounded by Christmas shoppers, decorations and sometimes even snow (whether real or fake depends on the weather!) make a wonderful sight, and will certainly make a warm memory to look back upon.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

It doesn’t matter what you watch when you come to the Globe, it is sure to be Shakespearian, cleverly witty and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Do not worry about understanding every word of dialogue, even in Shakespeare’s day, with noisy crowds, heckling and the bustle of the city just outside, much of the action needed to be conveyed with action and emotion – you will understand what is happening, even if you miss some of the fine detail.

Chelsea Flower Show

At the end of May, the Chelsea Royal Hospital is the place to be; not because you are ill, but because that is where the most glorious profusions of flowers can be seen and enjoyed. Gardeners will have an especially good time, but everyone will find their spirits lifted by the joyous riot of colour to be seen.

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