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For Plastic Free July we thought we’d use our affiliate garnered content to look at some essential plastic free items you should have.

Just to make you aware, some of the links within this post will direct you to an affiliate partner. We may make a very small commission on any purchases you make through them. This is one of the ways that helps to fund the publication and allow us to have free articles. Prices and stock availability were accurate at time of publication.

It’s time to say goodbye to those plastic loofahs for good when you can get biodegradable loofahs that last for months at a time and can be thrown in the compost when you’re finished. Best yet, they’re a natural exfoliant so will reveal smooth and soft skin with each use.

Biodegradable loofah

Biodegradable Loofah, £2.75

We love the cotton string bags, especially the Turtle Bags ones. They’re made from organic cotton and support a fair wage plus they’re incredibly strong and can hold up to 20KG. Plus, they come in tons of funky colours and are nice and compact so you can take it everywhere.

Organic Cotton Turtle Shopping Bags

Organic String Cotton Shopping Bags, £7.99

If you are still using cotton face pads, stop now. There are so many better, more sustainable versions out there and you can still use them for makeup, skincare and nail varnish removal (just allocate them to certain tasks). Give these 100% bamboo face cloths a try and you’ll never go back. They can be washed and used hundreds of times and easy to take away with you too.

Bamboo Face cloths

Bamboo Cotton Face Pads, £9.99

Instead of using single use cling film to wrap your fruit, veg, open packets or sandwiches, make the trade to Beeswax food wraps. They’re brilliant at keeping foods fresh and best of all, they can be used over again. Plus, they come in some really cute colours and are sure to brighten up the fridge. This little starter pack is currently £10.99

Beeswax food wraps

Beeswax Food Wraps Pack of 6, £10.99

Say goodbye to sponges for good! Most household sponges cannot be recycled as they’re made of mixed plastic. It would take a terrifying 52,000 years for the sponges that end up at landfill to decompose. So switching these is a really effective change! These wooden dish brushes are free from plastic, made from renewable materials, the brush head is removable and replaceable and the bristles are 100% biodegradable! They’re also quite cost effective as they last much longer than a conventional sponge.

Recyclable Wooden Dish Brushes and Sponges

Wooden Dish Brush, £3.95

Most facial tools use some kind of plastic in its composition, meaning it can’t be easily recycled when you’re finished with it. The sha stone though is just the stool that has been carved in a way to get the best results without having to use plastic to use it. You can benefit from lymphatic drainage as well as toning and strengthening the facial muscles as well as a number of other benefits. If you no longer need it, it’ll still make for a beautiful decoration.

Sha Stone Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Sha Stone, £16.99

Save money and save the environment with shampoo bars. They last so much longer than typical shampoo bottles and deliver effective (and quite spectacular) results. That’s a win-win for sure! Earth Kind bars are made with natural ingredients and they’ve a range to suit all kinds of hair types (and scent preferences).

Earth Kind Shampoo Bar

Earth Kind Shampoo and Conditioning Bars, £5.21

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