If you think gadgets are a geeky waste of money, then here are seven gadgets which will change your mind and make you next holiday 100 times easier (or at least seven times easier).

Between the planning and packing and travelling it get a little stressful, so it is worth investing in the little things which will make it easier on you. A vacation is about relaxing after all.

Gadgets for the home

First of all you need to get your house ready. That means making sure your plants are getting watered. Short of asking a friendly neighbour to pop in, there are few options. But there are self-watering pots which are great. If you can, you want to put as many plants as possible outside as they tend to take care of themselves. But your kitchen herbs for example would really benefit from a self-watering pot.

If you are not taking your pets with you, then you need provisions for them too. Not everything can be done with a gadget here, but it certainly helps. A gravity food dispenser will hold dry food for your pet for a few days or up to a week. Obviously this doesn’t make up for walks or cuddles. But it means you can go away for a weekend without worrying. Or even have someone come and check in every few days while you are away.

Items to help you pack

Eventually, it will be time to pack. And no matter how neat your packing and how organised your suitcase is, things do get wrinkled. And yes, there are mini-irons out there, but that is not the gadget we picked, because it is a little niche. Instead, consider a simple shirt case to ensure he has a wrinkle-free shirt on the trip, because whether it is a business trip or whether you want to go for a fancy meal on a holiday, you will always need a good shirt.

Gadgets for the flight

When it comes to the flight (or other means of transport), everone has their hacks. Some like to travel casual, others will always look impeccable. But you will need to rest on your journey so you can feel fresh when you arrive. And this is why you need a good travel pillow and one which will not hurt your neck after an hour. There are quite a few out there and it all depends what you are looking for. There is a comfortable one called an Ostrich pillow, but it is not easy to pack away in a handbag. The one we picked folds together and is compact. But has good neck support and will keep you from landing on your neighbour’s shoulder if you have the dreaded middle seat.

Travelling gadgets

Now that you are well-rested, you can go to the beach and enjoy your holiday. Ideally, without getting sand everywhere. So consider getting a sandfree towel. The “rugs” are available in different sizes, though in order to have a large sandfree area for all your belongings, the larger the better. While with children sand may be inevitable, if you are traveling adults-only, it will make your beach holiday a lot more comfortable.

Unless you are going on an unplugged holiday, get a solar powered power bank. First of all, you don’t have to worry about adapters and the number of plugs in your hotel room. But it also means you can charge from anywhere and it is unlikely to get overheated as other electricals may do. It’s a win-win.

And finally, if you are aiming for adventure travel, you may need a pocket knife. A quick word of advice: Depending on where your travelling to, check what the rules are on carrying even a pocket knife with you.
This one is disguised in a credit card, which makes in inconspicuous, but also easy to store away. Don’t worry, the blade is conceiled when stored away.

Give these a try before you next holiday!

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