Whoever said that Christmas is the most expensive time of the year, obviously didn’t have children to entertain in the summer! Although the summer months are filled with exciting adventures, beautiful weather and long summer nights, doesn’t mean that it’s always kind to your budget. We all know how expensive day trips, water park visits, theme parks, zoos and meals out can be…so what’s the answer?

It’s a good idea to check your finances and see how much of a budget you’re working with; you could even use a budget calculator to get a more specific answer. In addition, I’ve gathered up 5 ways you can save money this summer but still have lots of fun. Enjoy!

Enjoy the outdoors


The outdoors is there for us to enjoy! It’s 100% free and spending time outdoors and enjoying the warm weather is what summer is all about. No matter where you live there are plenty of outdoor activities that are free and will keep everyone busy. You could go for a long walk or a hike, walk the dog somewhere new, take the kids on a bike ride, set up a BBQ at the park – the possibilities are endless. If you’re worried about the heat getting a little intense during the day, then simply get up and go out earlier before the sun gets too hot.

Cancel that gym membership

In the summer months you’ll probably find your gym is mostly empty – apart from a few more dedicated individuals! If you’re not using your membership then cancel it. There are plenty of outdoor activities that can count towards a daily workout. Whether that’s chasing after the kids on the beach or carrying your cooler box to the lake! If you want to take your workouts a little more seriously then follow some workout guides on YouTube or set up a home gym in the garden.

Get rid of your TV packages

TV is good. But it’s expensive. Especially when you have multiple subscriptions and packages. Do a complete cull this summer and either remove them all or decide which ones to keep. You’ll be amazed at how much you save each month. Remember, you can always re-join just in time for great Autumn TV.

Find some free fun

Believe it or not, there are plenty of free things to do in your local area! Check out what’s going on by visiting local community pages, the local paper and various websites. You’ll find free festivals, summer music concerts, themed weekends and even exhibitions. If you live near a National Park or a country house then check to see if they have any open days where entry is free.

Plan those meals

Planning your meals is essential during the summer. Otherwise your food budget will be out of control – especially with all the little ones at home! Plan a full weekly menu and stick to it rigidly. You’ll also need to plan and budget for snacks at home too, I’d recommend baking at home to keep the cupboards filled with snacks and treats. It’s also a fun activity that the kids can help with too!

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