We best be prepared, we’ve had a taste of warmer days and although it feels we’re transitioning back into the winter months, summer really is on the way (we hope!).  To help prepare your skin for the summer months we share 5 ways to feel radiant for when it shows.

Switch Your Products

Our skin changes just like the seasons; what is good for our skin one season may not be best for the next. In winter we tend to use thicker face creams, forego SPF protection, opt for greater coverage in foundation and concealer and come the summer months, the products are not suitable for the warmer and sunnier weather and can lead to more spots and makeup looking more caked than intended. Make the following product switches for happier skin:

  • Moisturiser- from thick to thin
  • Make sure your face creams or foundation has SPF in it too; switching your body cream for one with SPF in too is highly recommended
  • Foundation; make the switch from full coverage to tinted moisturiser.

Exfoliate Frequently

Keep skin happy and healthy by ensuring your exfoliate every 2-3 days in the summer. As you sweat more, pores become clogged and leads to an increase in spots and the potential for acne.  It’s not just your face affected either but your body can become subject to more breakouts as well; especially with an increase in the use of tanning products and/or sunscreen which can be a bit problematic for your skin.

Body Brush Daily

Body brushing will also work as an exfoliator too but the beauty of using a body brush is it’ll help to tone up your skin; particularly beneficial for your thighs. Additionally it’ll help to detox the body keeping you heathier overall.

Work a body brush in a upwards circular motion from your feet towards your heart. We promise you’ll see instant results so imagine what benefits you could see over the weeks and months!

Hair Removal

In the summer months we’re donning our bikinis more frequently, allowing our legs to roam tight-less and even wearing sleeveless tops so we want to make sure if we’re on the hair removal train that everything is as smooth and as comfortable as we like.

Your new exfoliating ritual will also help with the increase in hair removal; it’ll help keep your pores clear so that you’re less likely to have painful and unsightly ingrown hairs.  In addition to exfoliating, we’d recommend twice daily moisturising your skin to keep it soft and supple. Don’t be afraid to use a little hair oil on your bikini area too, it’s an area that often lacks a little moisturise but will benefit tremendously for it.


When applying your sunscreen or moisturiser (following an exfoliating treatment or after your daily shower) massage the product into the skin for best results.

Always work your product in in an upwards, circular motion, working it deep into the skin. Much like using a dry body brush, regular massage in this way will help to keep the skin firm and will reduce the signs of ageing. Additionally massage is proven, particularly on the stomach, underarms and thighs to help shift fat deposits and gets the lymph system working at its full potential; you’ll get a significant energy boost from it too.

What tips do you have to get your skin summer ready?

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