From the 2nd to the 5th of June, we’re being invited to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee, 70 years on the throne. That’s a huge achievement and, being that the Queen is one of the most celebrated icons in the world and epitomises Britain, that’s a huge cause for celebration. Whether you’re looking to play homage to this incredible achievement or even if you’re looking to celebrate a very welcome long weekend, we’ve some suggestions on how you can do that.

Street parties

The community often comes together to celebrate such occasions; it’s how the Queen’s coronation was celebrated back then too. The roads are closed, trestle tables are borrowed from community halls, chairs are pulled out from the homes and everyone brings something for the table that can be shared and enjoyed. If a street party isn’t possible, or you don’t necessarily want to celebrate with your neighbours, the aim is to spend this time and our British heritage with loved ones, and as many of them as possible.

A 50s affair

Elizabeth II became Queen of England in 1952 and coronated in 1953, so why not host a 50s affair? Pop on a full skirt, hourglass dress, or fit and flare dress, get Alexa to play a 1950s playlist, string up some bunting, streamers and be sure to fly a United Kingdom flag or two as well.

Favourite foods

If you’re planning to celebrate the Queen, be sure to incorporate some of her favourite dishes into your celebrations. Did you know the Queen sits down most days to a traditional cream tea?  Scones, jam and clotted cream are a must then (and also so iconically British)! If you’re looking for cake ideas, the Queen’s favourite is a Chocolate Biscuit Cake, the recipe of which can be found on The Royal Chef.

Top tipples

It’s reported that the Queen’s favourite drink is a gin and Dubonnet cocktail. But she’ll often drink a glass of sweet wine and the occasional glass of champagne (be sure to hold the glass by the stem). If you’re looking to serve gin at your celebrations, you can even buy some Gin from the Royal Collection Shop which is made from botanicals sourced from the gardens at Buckingham Palace. You can’t get much closer to royalty than that.  

If you’re going to pop the kettle on, then Earl Grey should be your tea of choice. For a true nod to royalty, it should be only loose leaves, made in a tea pot, strained, and served in a bone china teacup on a saucer. Of course, don’t forget to extend that pinkie finger of yours as you go to take a sip.  

Fancy a BBQ?

Turns out this would be a fitting way to celebrate the Queen as she is also partial to a juicy burger from time to time (who isn’t!). Although she wouldn’t eat hers with a bun and would actually eat with a knife and fork, BBQs at the royal households is a true summertime tradition. The perfect way to come together as a family and enjoy some summertime celebrations.

How do you plan to celebrate this wonderful occasion? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in your photos on social, we’d love to see your celebrations.

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