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Modern life is so relentless and busy, it’s not always easy to find the time to complete a regular deep clean of our homes. For many, as long as there’s a general level of cleanliness then it’s perfectly acceptable and we can get on with our day without feeling too guilty…

But, whether you take great pride in keeping your home neat and tidy, or you get most of your cleaning done 20 minutes before visitors arrive, chances are you’ll forget to give these places a good clean! Check them out, and make sure you add them to your cleaning list the next time you pick up that anti-bacterial spray!

Your skirting boards

Skirting boards or baseboards as they’re also called, are boards of wood that run around the walls of each room in your house. They’re there to protect your walls from damage, cover the joint between the flooring and the wall and they’re also aesthetically pleasing – check out this gorgeous pencil round skirting style. However, they also have a terrible habit of collecting dust much like your shelves! Because they’re out of eye line we often neglect them, so make sure you give them a good dust at least once a week!

Throw pillows

These scatter cushions look lovely and can really compliment your sofa, favourite armchair or your bed. But, when was the last time you washed the covers? Have you ever? Sure, they’re use mostly for decoration, but they still gather as much dead skin cells and dirt as any other pillow or cushion in your home. Make sure you wash them often, so they look and smell fresh.

Throw pillows

Your remote control

Who doesn’t love binge-watching their favourite TV shows with a snack or two? It’s part of the viewing experience right? But what isn’t so pleasant, is the build-up of bacteria on that TV remote. When we eat we lick our fingers, and then we touch the remote, we’re transferring lots of germs and bacteria on to the device. My advice? Wipe it down regularly with an antibacterial wipe.

Your light switches

We think nothing of switching a light on or off. So, much so that light switches get left out of our cleaning routines. Much like your TV remote, the amount of bacteria and germs that is transferred onto these buttons is horrifying. They might not look dirty, but they’re a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s how colds, flu, and sickness is quickly spread!

Your houseplants

You’d probably get some strange looks if you started dusting the plants outside, but the plants you have inside need much more attention. Much like an ornament or a picture frame, house plants collect just as much dust as other items in your home, so wiping their leaves down regularly and keeping them clean is certainly beneficial for their health. If you have plastic plants then wash them down in the shower to keep them looking clean and fresh!

House of plants 2

This post was created in collaboration with Skirtings R Us.

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