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Ever wondered how to let the police know you’re in trouble without uttering a word? Or when you’re out and about and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation? We share some good to know safety and emergency tips that we hope you never need.

How to call the emergency services quickly

SOS Call

If you have an iPhone

To call the emergency services quickly from your iPhone press and hold the power on and one of the volume buttons at the same time. A window pops up where you can drag the SOS emergency call function to be put in touch with the emergency services.

You can continue to hold the buttons and your phone will automatically start dialing emergency services with a countdown. If you set up an emergency contact (via the Health App and adding emergency contact information in there) you can also have a message sent to them following your call to the emergency services.

If you have an Android phone

Be sure to set a lock screen on your phone. By doing so, you’ll see an emergency button that you can select, without having to enter a pin, to call the emergency services quickly.

Need emergency services but can’t talk?

Calling 999 without making a sound won’t send out help. But there can be instances that you need emergency services and can’t say a word. So what do you do? Once you’ve dialed 999, follow it by dialing 55. This signals to the operator that you’re there, in need of help but unable to say so. A police patrol will then be sent out to you.

Ask for Angela

Ask Angela

Ask for Angela is an incredible initiative that started with the Lincolnshire County Council and is now being encourage by The Met Police. They advise that if you’re on date that isn’t working out, you do not feel like you’re in a safe situation, your online date is not who they said they were, or even if it all feels a bit weird, then head to the bar and Ask for Angela. Participating pubs will know you need help getting out of the situation and will help you to do that without too much fuss.

This initiative isn’t widely available across the UK, so do encourage your local pubs to help support this vital campaign.  You’ll know of pubs participating as they’ll often display posters in the toilets.

Familiarise yourself with choking hazards

We know that grapes in particular circulate in the news as choking hazards for small children. But are you family with some of the other, common hazards? Hotdogs, raw apples and peanut butter are also among this list.

Health Service Executive England have shared a high risk choking list for under 5s. In addition to highlighting the hazards, they also provide helpful tips to reduce the risk. Why not copy the table into a word document and print it out, hanging it on the fridge as a helpful guide.

For further peace of mind we’d encourage you to consider first aid courses for infants.

When getting into a taxi


Regardless of whether you’re on your own or out with friends, it’s always a good idea to take a picture of the license plate and or driver ID (usually hanging off a seat or on the front dash for you to see) and sharing it with a family member or close friend. In these circumstances it’s always good for someone to know where you are. Additionally, if your driver sees you doing this, you’re less likely to be in danger.

Were these things you already knew? If there was even one you didn’t know, perhaps your friends and family don’t too. Be sure to share this with them to help keep them safe too!

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