A scarf is a timeless accessory. They can help add a pop of colour to an outfit, they can provide that extra bit of warmth on those cold days, they can help to provide an accessory for your hair or bags, they’re pretty versatile and relatively cheap to buy. We look at 4 different scarf types that every woman should own and the different ways you can style them. Check it out.

Silky and short

A short and silky scarf can be worn as a hair accessory (if you can’t wrap it around your head, you could attach it to a ponytail which looks super cute), adorn it to your handbag to add a pop of colour and class, or wear it as a neck tie to brighten up a dark outfit and add a little personality to it.

The scarves you need

Chunky blanket style scarf

A chunky blanket style scarf will not only keep your neck warm on those chilly days or those evenings outdoors but it will double as an actual blanket when it really is that cold.

Medium weight woolen, cotton or cashmere scarf

For when you need a professional look or something that fits snuggly around your neck which could also be tucked it into your jacket.

A professional scarf

A Pashmina

A pashmina is also great to convey a professional look but when the weather is a little milder. They’re also great for weddings and formal occasions where you can wrap it around your shoulders when it gets a little chilly- they’re a great alternative to jackets or coats.  

How many scarves would you say you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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