Type 30-day workout into Google and you’ll get 460 million results. You’ll find apps, videos, infographics and articles providing you with a 30-day routine that’ll change your fitness habits, levels and egotistically, change your body.

But can you realistically see significant change in just a 30-day period? Is it even worth going along with? The last thing you want is to follow a routine expecting results that simply aren’t delivered. So, we took a challenge on and want to share our results with you.

Overview for change:

I’m on a bit of a mission. I go on holiday in a few weeks, something that has been in the making for over a year but one I’ve only physically given thought to in the last month or so. I’ve not been particularly happy with my physique for a while. I’m not overweight, though I flirt with the BMI goalpost for it, but I do lack tone and in general a sense of fitness. I’m with a gym, though finding time to get there is hard and I often use the pool more than anything. Although it helps to improve my fitness and helps to keep my body more fluid than rigid, I did need something more targeted and something that I had to do every day that wouldn’t take up too much time and would target my problem areas. As I lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle, most of my weight sits on my waist, hips, thighs, tums and arms.

The programme of choice

Searching around on Pinterest, I came across Blogilates who has created several routines that focus on specific areas that you work on over a 30-day period. There is one each, specifically for thighs, bum, tum and arms. As it ticked all the criteria, I thought I’d give these a go alongside a planking challenge to encompass the whole body. You can find all the routines we did through our Health and Beauty Pinterest board.

30-day workout thighs

What we think

What we loved about all the routines we picked out is it allows you to build up the number of exercises and reps over the 30-day period. It’s not too intense to start out so whatever your fitness levels are, it should be quite achievable to do.

We also noticed that your body adapts quite quickly and although some may seem like a struggle initially (the up up down down for arms was particularly difficult when I first started), you’ll quickly find you can perform the routines quite effortlessly.

Additionally, it’s easy to build your time in to do it. When you start out, to complete the full 5 routines, it’ll only take a maximum of 10 minutes and as you build your confidence with the routines it’s easy enough to get stuck in to. As the number of reps and quantities of exercises increases, you can just adjust your time each morning to complete them. This, overall, makes achieving the programme more manageable and because there is an end goal in sight, you feel motivated to complete it.

30-day workout tums

As for results

I swear to you, that I felt instant results from this programme, from day dot. As I’ve mentioned above, because my job entails being chained to my desk for the majority of the day or sitting in the car getting to and from the office (and elsewhere even on weekends), a lot of my weight lingers in set areas. But through these routines, and ultimately working out the whole body in a targeted way, it is almost like I was simply shifting things around and I could feel an instant change in my body. As the programme has gone on, I am seeing positive changes in my body. Things are firming up, toning sufficiently, and I feel like I am getting stronger. Don’t get me wrong, the changes aren’t miraculous, but I feel the difference. I am still only two thirds of the way through the programme, I had to stop for a week because I was too physically and mentally exhausted to do anything- you’ve got to listen to your body as and when, but I am back on it now and simply increasing the number of reps daily, confident of the results at the end.

This has also been a good base to help me to step two where I’ll effectively try out a 30-day holiday diet to see if I can shift a few pounds before my trip away to give me that body confidence I feel I’ve lacked for a while. Once I’ve completed the 30-day challenge, I see myself sticking to day 30 until I go away. Once back, I’ll be looking for a new 30-day challenge to help keep me motivated.

So, if you’re looking for a small change in your body, a huge change in your confidence and motivation the 30-day fitness challenges are the way to go. It makes aiming for your body goals more achievable by breaking down your ambitions into easily manageable goals. Give it a try!

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