A couple of weeks ago we put the 30- day workout to the test to see whether you could, in 30 days see changes to your body. As we all know, diet and exercise really go hand in hand. Often if you’re changing your exercise regime, it is often a good idea to change your diet too.

I decided when I took this project on that I would endure the 30-day workout first and follow that with a 30-day diet as appose to tackling both at the same time or enduring the diet first. This is because I felt that my body needed to get use to a change first.

I’ve noticed, since entering my 30s, that my body is losing some of it’s elasticity. So, I didn’t want to startle my system with a diet and risk excess skin (who knew what would happen). By starting the exercise routine first, my body has already started to tone, and I am allowing my body to effectively detox daily by shifting the toxins through movement and therefore felt, it would respond better to a diet following.

As for diet, I decided to follow an exclusion diet but not an extreme version. I have cut out dairy, wheat and all variations of bread and processed foods. I’m not allowing it to be totally limiting though and if I am eating out, I go for the closest to the parameters as possible and will even relax over my birthday (cake is a birthday essential!).

Most days in any case my meals are a composition of meat/fish, carbohydrates and salad or vegetables but for me, snacking on chocolate or sweets, desserts and a roll with my salad is seemingly my downfall.  I wasn’t gaining weight, but I could be a more healthy weight which is my motivation for this diet. I am yet to complete it, I am on day 24, but I want to share my experience so far.

30 day diet

From the very beginning of this diet, I realised how hungrier I am. I am having to increase portion sizes, increase the number of snacks I am having but choosing healthier options. Of course, just snacking on fruit is as bad as snacking on processed snacks and chocolate because of the high sugar content so I am having to mix it up with handfuls of nuts, seeds and raisins to sedate me between meals (I created my own nut concoction for sweet cravings, see below!). I am in fact eating lots more food now but because they’re much lower in calories, I am still losing weight.

In fact, even though I have relaxed on 4 main meals (even when relaxing, I am following as close as I can), had a doughnut and 2 slices of cake (for my birthday), I have lost 4lbs weight so far. Which may not seem like a lot but my clothes fit more comfortable and you can see a visible difference in my face, tummy and thighs. I imagine if I continue, and I will for I feel a lot better for it as well generally, I will continue to lose weight and suspect when it falls from the key areas, it’ll start to show on the scales quite quickly.

It was early on, within the first week, I noticed how much more comfortable my clothes seemed to fit and soon after my body started to change; firstly, I lost weight in my face and started to lose weight in my stomach and in strange places like around my knees. On week 3, I started to shift the extra weight from around my thighs and my bottom. I may not be shifting it quickly, but I feel healthier, more comfortable and I am losing weight.

Probably the most major benefit of having done this is my lack of cravings for bad foods. It seems the reason I was craving bad foods and eating them, is because the more I would eat, the more I’d crave it. A treat here and there definitely seems the way to go.

My favourite nut combination:

Bag of blanched hazlenuts, a bag of cashew kernels, mixed with a tablespoon of raw cacao, maple syrup, a ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon and a sprinkling of seasalt.

We’ve also found a love for courgetti- sauté some garlic and olive oil on a low heat for a few minutes until the garlic browns off, add the courgetti (if from packet, remove excess water with paper towels) and handfuls of torn basil. Fry off for a few minutes and search with fresh salad and roasted chicken breast.

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