Sadly, we don’t all have a stylist on speed dial that we can call at a moment’s notice to sort out the ultimate clothing dilemma, ‘what to wear?’. Funnily (or rather, not so funnily) time is never on our side either- who hasn’t had a crying fit in the wardrobe first thing? So, to help you plan your outfit(s), we’ve pieced together a guide to help you piece together an outfit in no time nothing.

Create a clothing go-to guide

Spend some time piecing together some fail-safe outfits that you can go-to at a moment’s notice. Take a snap of yourself in the mirror (or get someone to take the photo of you) and keep it on your phone for when you need it. Alternatively, print the picture out and stick it to the inside door of your wardrobe to refer to any time.

business outfit

We’d recommend piecing together the following outfits
  • meeting with clients
  • something for an interview
  • smart/casual
  • date night outfit
  • an out-out outfit (you can never go wrong with an LBD!).

Having a few fail-safe outfits on hand will ensure that you always have something to wear that makes you feel comfortable and confident, whatever the occasion.

Re-organise your closet

Get everything out of the wardrobe and re-organise your closet. A tactic that is worth doing bi-annually when you swap out your winter and summer wardrobe and vice versa.

Organise your clothes into categories

You’ll likely have already broken up your clothes into dresses, jacket, jumpers, trousers etc. but you break it down further to make it easier to find on outfit. For example, you could keep all of your dressy dresses together, your summer dresses in another section, categorize your t-shirts into work appropriate and those that are more casual and keep clothes that are only suitable to wear around the house separate from the rest.

Colour coded wardrobe

Another way to further organise your wardrobe is then organizing by colour. This categorization helps you to go by mood too and it looks pretty stunning when you open your wardrobe.


Organise your wardrobe into outfits

Much like creating a go-to outfit, you can also coordinate your wardrobe in this way. You could have certain suits/outfits hung together to make it really easy for you to pull something together at a moments notice.

Prepare in advance

Another fail-safe tactic is to plan your outfit the day before or a few months in advance.

If you have a particular meeting or event happening at work that you need to dress to impress, it always helps to plan your outfit the night before. This will save any last-minute fluster and panic in the morning and help to you to remain cool and collected. You don’t want to turn up in a crumpled, sweaty mess. Preparation is always key.

For any important social event, plan a few months in advance. When you’ve got the date of the event in hand (be it a friend’s wedding or upcoming holiday), schedule a time, a few months before, to go shopping if you need to. This will ensure you find something in season, on trend and that you’ll feel confident and happy in.

It always helps to have a back-up in case you change your mind or because the weather is disagreeable- it does happen. This will ensure that there is no last-minute panic and no unnecessary expense too.

Do you have any tactics you use to pull an outfit together quickly? If so, we’d love to hear them! Share your tips below!

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