As the winter months continue to deepen and darken, it is the perfect time to restyle our home interiors. You could pick up a paintbrush to renovate entirely or just add a nod to current trends with key pieces or accessories.

Continuing natural contact

The last few seasons, this trend has been with us and is set to stay for this winter too. Adding plants, real or fake, brings a softness to a space. There are health benefits of adding real plants but if your green fingers are yet to mature, there are many excellent faux plants available.

Cottagecore is also a nature-inspired look that is soft, feminine, and gentle. This is a romantic, traditional sort of style. Use floral prints on soft furnishings and pretty accessories for that rustic chic.

If floral patterns just aren’t your style, use earthy and green tones to bring the outside in. Charcoal, brown, rust, and mustard colours were all big on the catwalk so no surprise to see them as an interior trend too. Throws and rugs that can be put away when the weather changes are a great way to add a new depth to your room.

Reflections and glow

Metallic elements bring a glimmer of light in the gloom. Polished materials reflect the room and bring light into darker corners. They can make a space feel bigger, with added glamour and sparkles.

You might choose silver furnishings, pinned 94,625 times on Pinterest in autumn. Paired with navy, lilac, and teal, allude to light refractions, almost glistening in your home.

You might prefer to choose gold accessories. Paired with peach, you will feel warm, relaxed, and surrounded by luxury. Add art deco-inspired styling, like a statement mirror, or side table for an elegant edge.

Looking back

Other historically inspired trends for this season include vertical lines. This can add a classical, sophisticated feel to your interior, reminiscent of the architectural lines of Greek columns. The depth of this texture provides a timelessness to a modern space.

Art Deco loved vertical lines as well as other geometric styling. Updating to ribbed glassware or using striped accessories is a simple way to create this elegance at home.

If your preference is for something in more recent history, you might like to look to the Seventies. Strong colours, like the aforementioned mustard from the catwalk, or orange, red, burgundy, add a retro warmth. Create a feature wall with a big pattern to dive back into the decade or use one or two big pieces, like an armchair or lamp for just a hint of the 70s vibe.

Perfect paint picks

Continuing the natural theme, Dulux Colour of the Year 2022 is called ‘Bright Skies’. This gentle, light blue is a shade of optimism, reinvigorating rooms like a breath of fresh air. Use on ceilings to felt like you’re melting away into the sky itself.

The importance of joy is seen in shades like ‘Indian Yellow’ as we move away from the whites and greys to warm, natural tones. The Dulux Colour of the Year for 2021 was ‘Brave Ground’, a neutral, comforting, and of course, natural. This shade is set to continue to be part of our lives as we find comfort in the things we can control, like our homes.

Special spaces

Many of us are continuing to work from home after the disruption to previous working ways during the pandemic. This means ensuring your work space is fit for purpose and brings you joy, regardless of its size. It’s important to design it with an aesthetic that inspires and focuses you.

Be clever with paint and you can create your work zone, without needing a separate physical space. Put a single shelf below a window and that could become a desk. A cupboard could become an office space that you can close away at the end of the day. Alternatively, under stairs or eaves space could be transformed into useful space as a home office. Use storage and wall space to make the most of a tiny area.

Another trend for this winter that is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ is a book nook. This is a dedicated space for time with your favourite author or most recent copy of ‘Anything Goes’. The stand out feature of a nook is its comfort. Use textiles to develop the ‘hygge’ effect. Things like fluffy rugs underfoot and warm throws, with plenty of squishy cushions to properly support your posture, as well feel snug.

Check your senses

String lights will ensure that the mood lighting is just right but don’t forget a practical lamp so you don’t strain your eyes in the dusk. Add scented candles so your olfactory sense is catered for. Be practical with a little shelf or pouffe for your tea to rest while its cooling.

Add inspiring prints on the walls so your mind can wander between places that bring you joy. Get a little Bluetooth speaker to play music through. This will also encourage you to turn off your notifications from your phone so you can spend time at home uninterrupted.

Use these winter trends to reinvigorate yourself during the long evenings. Make sure that your home is the castle for yourself and all your needs. Stay warm, stay safe, stay hygge.

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