20 Minute Treatments- Cost Saving But Salon Equivalent?

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Short on time and money but still wanting to look your best? We’ve found a pretty good solution. Let us introduce you to 20 minute treatments.

We’ve been putting a few of the Nails Inc. face and body treatments to the test to see if they can deliver results like (or better than) a spa or beauty salon. Have we found a solution to revolutionise the beauty industry and our lives? Find out…

Rose Glow Youth Boosting Peel Off Mask

rose gold mask treatments

Promising to clear impurities, minimise the signs of aging, increase skin elasticity and brighten a dull complexion.

It was a little challenging to peel back the seal so if you get stuck, just score the edge with some scissors to get to the product. It’s quite potent when you start applying but you quickly get used to it and the smell (which isn’t unpleasant) settles quickly. Follow the guidelines and do not apply around the eye area (so only apply to the cheekbones just under the eye sockets and above the eyebrows) and hairlines. Also apply to the neck area to allow this area to get the same, full benefits.

After just a few minutes you can really feel this product get to work. The skin tightens considerably so to get the best from it, avoid smiling and keep your face relaxed and if you do apply this product to the neck area, keep your head straight.

After 20 minutes this product is ready to peel off, which is also incredibly satisfying to do.

As for the end results: It really delivers on it’s promises! My skin feels clearer and less congested, it feels more taut, smoother and it has given it a bit of a glow. Majorly impressive for a £5 treatment; the results are more impressive than any facial I’ve ever had!

Thirsty Feet

Thirsty feet treatments

Our feet are the most exposed to wear and tear- whatever the weather, our feet are prone to dry, cracked skin. Hard skin is never a good look but especially so this time of year when we all live in flip-flops and sandals.  But who has the time or money for weekly pedicures?

The Thirsty Feet foot masks promises to quench dry, tired skin. Helping your pedicures to work longer for you- we know polish lasts but when the skin looks tired, it can make your pedicure look tired too.

It’s super easy to use- simply split the boot into two and insert your foot in between the sheets, wrap it around your ankle and tie with the tab. Then go about your business for 15-20 minutes whilst it gets to work.

As for the end results: It’s a brilliant maintenance product to keep your skin looking and feeling healthier. If you’ve got severely cracked and dried skin, it’ll not perform a miracle, but it does give the feet a dose of hydration. Weirdly, this product will work best as you go about your business as it’ll allow the product to get to work on your entire foot; if you rest unevenly, only part of your foot will benefit from the mask.

If the skin is particularly dry on your feet, you could wear this product for a little longer (more like 30 minutes) to get more from it. We’d recommend allowing your feet to take a dip in this at least once a week for best results.

Thirsty Hands

thirsty hands treatments

Our hands are really exposed to the elements. As they’re constantly in use, they get a dose of the sun without the production, dry out from frequent washing, show the effects of aging more so than anywhere else on our bodies and exhibit the labours of our work. It’s no wonder that they need a little TLC from time to time.

Much like Thirsty Feet, Thirsty Hands promises to inject some moisture into your hands and with the added antioxidants, it’ll help with signs of ageing.

They’re easy enough to get on with, though I will say that opening and closing the tab on the second hand is a little more challenging but more than doable. Additionally, even with these babies on you can still use your phone- amazing, huh!

As for the end results. There’s no doubt it gives the skin a boost of hydration- in fact this would be an excellent product to incorporate into your DIY manicures as it helps to soften the cuticles too. It too is a great product to include in maintenance to help keep the hands smooth and soft, with each treatment helping build on the last. We see this being an essential Winter, weekly treatment.

Sheet Masks

Sparkle like a unicorn treatments

They’ve got an array of sheet masks that’ll tackle most skin concerns. In just 15 minutes you can completely transform your skin and they’re so simple to use. All you need to do is carefully unfold the mask, apply to the face by pressing firmly and then just pop your feet up for 15 minutes whilst it gets to work. They stay on well and the results are brilliant too.

We tried the Sparkle Like A Unicorn mask and couldn’t believe how much it tightened up the skin, whilst simultaneously made it feel more plump and hydrated. I wouldn’t say it shrank my pores but they’re definitely a lot clearer. We’re interested to try the others one now to see how they work- especially the Cat Nap one! Keep an eye on our Instagram feed to see how we get on.

When it comes to 20-minute treatments, we’re mighty impressed. At a significant cost saving, with masks starting from £5, to spa and salon treatments at £40+, not only do we save a lot of money and a lot of time in the process but we’re actually getting incredible results. We’re sold!

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