Let’s talk Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner but it is also a stressful time and that doesn’t make it easy to get into a festive spirit, let alone give your house the perfect Christmas look.

Plus, decorations can get expensive and difficult to store.

So instead, we put together some very simple, tasteful decoration options for you and it’s in the one place where everything for your dream home probably is – Pinterest!

Take a look at the board below for inspiration.

Some of the ideas you can reuse every year, others will need to be thrown out and started again every year because they involve fresh plants, but they are all quick and effective.

These are some of the ideas

  • for the kitchen and bathroom, use red and white (tea)towels for a festive feel
  • dress up your red or white candles by adding cinnamon sticks around it
  • use a vase to fill with water and have leaves and red berries or flowers floating in it
  • add festive bows to your chairs
  • use the first presents (or wrap storage boxes or empty boxes as presents) as decoration in the corner of a room
  • make a wreath out of fir or baubles
  • dry some oranges to add a festive scent to your home
  • spray pinecones white or with snow effect and hang them in plants or in windows
  • fill glasses or vases with water, rosemary and cranberries and add a floating candle
  • fill fruit platters or vases with baubles for a festive twist
  • Make an advent wreath for your table, lighting one new candle every Sunday in the run up to Christmas
  • find festive cookie boxes to decorate and store your Christmas cookies
  • Make an advent calendar for your partner – a wooden chest with 24 doors can be beautifully decorated
  • Create a centre piece on a plate with fir, oranges and red fruits
  • use wooden place mats to give a snow cabin feel to your dining room table

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