When is the last time you went away with the girls?

Probably forever, because we never seem to have the time to organise something, schedules don’t match up, and there is always something going on.

So make the plan now, get your girls together, settle on a date, and start making plans.

Here are some of our favourite places to go with the girls.


Glamping in Norfolk

It’s not about what you do, but who you do it with – all you need for a great weekend with the girls is a place to chat and catch up… and, of course, the girls!

So why not spend some quality time together on the coast in Norfolk, with the beach not far? Have a nice comfy glamping weekend! There are a number of good glamping sites along the northern coast of Norfolk. Between July and September, go to Wild Camp near Thornham. It is small though (houses up to 12 guests only) so book in advance or go to Wild Luxury, Thornham Bay. It’s a much bigger camp with larger units so you can all stay together. Both are close to the beach and have private or en-suite bathrooms as well as bedding and towels provided so all you need to take care of is the food.

London shopping

Let’s be honest, shopping with your best friends is the only way to shop. Who else will give you honest opinion, will pick the best clothes for you and know what suits you?

A shopping trip to London is ideal if you are spread across the country because the capital is easily accessible from everywhere.

Find yourselves a nice boutique hotel or an AirBnB to share and spend the days wandering from Covent Garden to Mayfair to Camden and to Notting Hill. If you haven’t been yet, go to Coal Drops Yard at King’s Cross to browse the new shops and get some Alain Ducasse chocolate.

Grab lunch together at a market, taste all the amazing foods at Borough Market and treat yourselves to a nice dinner in the city before heading for a drink on the rooftop of One New Change to take in the city – and especially St. Paul’s – from above. Madison is the rooftop bar – you can get a drink and tapas or just head up to enjoy the view and then head somewhere else for drinks.

Vineyard in Yorkshire

Speaking of drinks… how about a whole weekend of it?

Is there anything better than catching up with friends over a bottle or two of good wine?

There are vineyards in England who offer stays and one of them is Ryedale Vineyards, a relatively young (established 2006) British vineyards, which is situated just north of York.

Because it is fairly far up north, you may want to make a road trip out of it, stopping in the Peak District on the way. Then spend the night and the next day at the vineyard. Make sure you book though as there are only two rooms.

In the evening or the next day, take a guided wine tour, walk around the vineyard and have a wine tasting – of course – with cheese.

Isles of Scilly

If you physically need to get away, then do it – you don’t even need to leave the UK.

The island-feel and beautiful sandy beaches will make you feel like you are halfway across the world… and not just a short journey across the water from Cornwall.

The Isles of Scilly are all about the boats… so make sure you have seasickness tablets if you need them.

Seriously though, every day you can see a new island (or two) and explore all the islands, each special and different. Every morning, the boats line up and wait to drop you at an island and you can pick what you are interested in. If you all like different things, each of you gets to pick the itinerary for one day. You can visit subtropical gardens, explore the islands’ history, go wildlife watching to see seals, gannets and puffins or explore the rugged coasts. You can eat amazing sea food and even have dinner on a boat, enjoy the sandy beaches or try some of the local sweets, ice cream and wine.


Milan for shopping

If London shops just don’t do it for you, then escape to Milan.

Together you can shop till you drop and do a little bit of sightseeing (ok, really it is just one place) on the side.

Milan is THE place for shopping and you can get absolutely anything from designer clothes to outlets shops and vintage clothes.

Some of the biggest names in fashion have their stores in Milan, so make sure your credit card is ready for action. But they also have large outlet store where you can get things at half price to impress everyone back home if you’re living on purse strings.

After a break for pasta and gelato, check out some of the smaller shops or vintage stores for a few bargains.

Who doesn’t love showing off a new bag saying “Oh this, I got it on my last trip to Milan. Lovely isn’t it?”

Iceland road trip

Iceland is beautiful, Iceland is full of extremes, and Iceland is bigger than you may expect, so you need to plan ahead and decide what you want to see.

You can have a city break in Reykjavik or go on an adventure, hiring a car and driving north or south west (getting all around will require a slightly longer break).

Iceland is fantastic: anywhere you look you find hot springs, geysers, valleys of lava, waterfalls – oh so many waterfalls! – northern lights…

Put your walking shoes on, get a map (yes, a road trip requires a good old-fashioned map and a pen or marker) and start exploring. Don’t forget your swimming costume for the natural springs!

Nightlife in Croatia

Sun, beach, nightlife – Croatia is the place to take your girls and let loose.

Spend the days lying in the sun, swimming in the sea and island hopping, then get ready to party the night away far from your everyday life of work and commitments.

Croatia is quite cheap and allows you to spend and enjoy without worrying about the cost (it’s not like a drink in a bar in central London!).

Pack your dancing shoes and some of your favourite outfits and you are good to go! You can have drinks with your feet in the sand, sip cocktails by the beach and go clubbing until the early hours, ending the night with sunrise at the beach.



Whether you know much about Asian culture or not, all of you will love Tokyo, because it is so diverse. It is modern and new and full of colours and has a mini-Times Square feel to it… and then you turn around and find old temples, ancient rituals and historic temples.

It is almost like a wedding with something old, something blue, something borrowed and something blue.

Aside from the tourist attractions and sightseeing, Tokyo is the place to discover quirky things with your best friends: things you will remember forever – be it a Hello Kitty shaped meal, get crazy nail art done to commemorate your trip, ask for your own latte art work in a coffee shop or watch (yes, you can) a traditional wedding even though you won’t understand a word.

US road trip

The United States are massive and while the country is known for its bad food, big cities, film industry and dubious political choices, it is actually a fascinating place to discover and is full of natural extremes and more national parks than you can image.

We cannot list all your options, because there are just too many. So here are two ways to travel:

One: You have a place in mind and you see how far you can realistically travel around said place in the time you have.

Two: You are open to anything. Really anything. Find the best flights and hire a car from there. There is always something around! You land in Salt Lake City? You can drive west through Utah, through an endless landscape of red desert earth to Wyoming and explore the breath taking Yellowstone National Park. Flying to Miami, drive up to the north of Florida (stop off in Orlando of course) and to southern Louisiana to get to know the proper southern States. If you are driving all the way to South Carolina, make sure you hit King Street in Charleston for a day of shopping therapy.

Landing in LA? Drive down along the California coast for a road trip full of beaches and surfing and fly back out from San Diego, or take a road trip to Vegas and go a little bit further to the Grand Canyon. Got a flight to Chicago? Spend a couple of days in the city before driving around the lakes for a proper summer road trip. If you land in Boston, drive along the coast and head to the south through Rhode Island and fly back from New York or head up the coast through Maine.


Year-round sun and endless shopping and nightlife – welcome to Dubai.

If you can find a cheap-ish flight, this is a brilliant short break for you and your friends. Check the temperatures as it can get SUPER hot (too hot for the beach), but that’s what the spa and shopping centres are for.

Book yourselves into a beautiful hotel, spend the mornings shopping (check dates of summer sales), or relaxing at the spa, hit the beach in the afternoon, enjoy fine dining and then get ready for the fancy nightlife (this means mostly visiting other hotels).

And don’t forget to take one night off from the clubs to go to one of the city’s nightmarkets!


Especially if none of you have been on a safari before, this is an amazing bonding experience.

Fly to Johannesburg and go to the famous Kruger National Park for a safari.

You can stay in a lodge from where you can see wildlife without even leaving your room or the lodge, which makes every minute you spend together exciting. Imagine you and a friend wake up earlier than the others and you look out to spot elephants until the others wake up. Imagine having a giraffe approach you while you have your breakfast.

And then you can actually go on a game drive together, experience the adrenaline of spotting the Big Five together and of the crazy ride itself!

We hope our girls guide has inspired! If you’re looking for more travel inspiration, check out our other articles below!

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