The Twitter Bookworld- who to follow

Posted on Feb 5 2015 - 12:00pm by Claire Herbaux
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How many social media accounts do you have? Two? Four? All of them?

It is safe to say we all enjoy our Facebook, Twitter, maybe Instagram or Pinterest… tumbler anyone? Flickr?
We want friends, news, celebrities, pictures, craft ideas and of course – books!

There is more on twitter than you can imagine and more than you will ever be able to follow. There are those who edit and publish, the readers, the reviewers, the professionals, the “quoters”, the reading groups and most importantly, those who write.

I like to have a little bit of everything, so I have put together a mix of accounts that are great for your daily jolt of books, quotes and literary news.

As a note, if you need to organise your twitter feed, you can create lists. Creating a list called “books” will allow you to see just the tweets of the tweeple on this particular list.

Here are my tips on who to follow:

I like to start with some newspapers who have an in-depth book section. They provide reviews of new releases, author profiles and interviews, book and publishing news and they also re-tweet a lot of their staff on the books team. My favourites are New York Times BooksGuardian Books and Telegraph Books.

Google Book Search is another great one to follow for news, book suggestions and popular quotes. And speaking of quotes, who doesn’t like this popping up in a news feed?

Book Quotes is great for a literary break. Also full of fun facts about books, authors and more is Literary Interest.

Very knowledgeable on what is going on in the book world are the publishing houses themselves, try Penguin Books or Hodder Books for example. And of course, there’s not just publishers but also book shops; Foyles has lots of interesting tweets for book lovers and make sure you check for your local Waterstones to follow.

Two accounts I like to follow for recommendations, new book releases, book clubs and – yes, we all like a little present once in a while – giveaways are Book Giveaways and Goodreads. There may even be advance copies available!

Last but not least, follow the ones we have to thank for all the books we get to read – the authors!

Most authors will have a twitter account and be more or less active. Some only talk about books, others use it as a personal account too. Who you want to follow is of course up to you and will depend on your taste in books. Here are a few great ones, whose tweets will warm the heart of any book worm:

John Green, author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars, Terry PratchetDan Brown and John Grisham for those who like thrillers and Ian Rankin for crime, Bill Bryson, Danielle Steel who is in the top 10 bestselling authors of all times, American crime writer Patricia CornwellStephen King,Rainbow Rowell who writes Young Adult novels but also contemporary adult fiction, Alice Munro, and women writers Freya NorthSophie KinsellaJennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult.
Just make sure you find your favourite authors and give them a follow. My favourite part of twitter is discussing what I am reading with fellow readers or, even better, the author. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #amreading to let others know what you are up to. Give it a try.

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