Bamboo pillows: Are they the best for a good nights sleep?

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 11:05am by Samantha Clark
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When at the Ideal Home Show recently I found the Hotel Comfort stand absolutely alluring; whether it was because I had the earliest start or felt rushed off my feet but the bamboo pillows and sheets they were promoting looked absolutely divine. Running my hand over the cool (it was really cool, cold in fact, so cool I wondered if they’d finally mastered a cold pillow!), soft, pillowcase of the display pillow, I wanted to lie down and take a nap right there. Obviously, I would never actually do that, that’s just weird!

I had a great chat with Tomer on the stand who informed me that the composition of the bamboo fiber cover means it’s hypoallergenic and keeps you cool. The interior is made of a shredded memory foam so the complete design should provide absolute comfort for a great nights sleep. I don’t have the best experience with pillows since getting back trouble (damn computer work!). I just can’t seem to find the right one that offers me the best support and comfort- which is the whole point to a pillow surely? Sharing this concern with Tomer, he gave me one of the Queen size bamboo pillows to give a whirl and share my thoughts with you.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve received this pillow but wanted to give it a fair chance before giving you my thoughts.

The pillow comes tightly wrapped in it’s own duffle bag and because it’s memory foam it’s recommended you leave it out for 24-48 hours before sleeping on it to give it a chance to breathe and bounce back into pillow shape- it did seem to have a little trouble in doing this so I would often attempt to stretch it by applying body pressure. Even after a few days it still didn’t feel quite right- it didn’t feel as it did on the stand. Rather than wait longer, I thought I’d just sleep on it.

When I think of memory foam, I assume the product makes an impression when you rest on it but this pillow felt quite firm and made me feel quite elevated- it still does weeks later. I think I prefer some kind of impression in my pillow as I feel that my neck is supported- particularly as I am a side sleeper. I do find that this pillow is great for forcing you to lie on your back, which, if you’re self conscious about getting wrinkles, this is the way you should be sleeping. However, it’s pretty hard to break habit so, inevitably, I end up waking on my side with a sore neck. It’s a weird kind of ache though- not an ache that lasts all day, it’s just an initial, waking ache that’s quite uncomfortable until I sit up- though the more I sleep on it the less I notice this ache so think it is something that will go in time. If I could stay lying on my back, there wouldn’t be a single complaint.

What is great is I don’t find myself punching some shape back into it or having to move it around to get comfortably to sleep, that’s easy! And although the pillow to lie on doesn’t feel as cold as the first touch, I do find that I’m comfortable, can drift off to sleep easily and when I wake my face doesn’t feel as flushed as always- I’ll take a temporary ache over that any day.

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