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Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 5:47pm by Samantha Clark
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I Style Myself: It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, finally someone (something) to tell us what to wear! You can start by searching looks which are looks that have been created by the I Style Myself team- you swipe to the right if you like and swipe to the left if you don’t. You can refine your search to include wardrobe items (things you already own) or not (brings up some predetermined looks/groupings of items), search by occasion (most ideal!), season, colour, price and/or item (jacket, accessories, tops etc.). Under the likes tab (the heart) this is where you’ll find the clothes you swiped to the right- here you can actually shop the items you liked by clicking on the individual items (cool huh!). These looks are scrollable (up-down) and once you’ve finished with it you can delete- it’s your own personal catalogue! Then you have the wardrobe function; this is where you take pictures/upload pictures of items from your wardrobe or search online for the items you already have which can be incorporated into the looks catalogue- your wardrobe items can be edited at any time, just click on the item and update or delete if no longer own. It’s well worth importing all your clothes/accessories and keeping up with it as once you do, think of how much time you’ll save! Cost: Free Download: Apple

Sleep Cycle: Our body goes through sleep cycles and it’s been said that waking up when in a deep sleep can actually be harmful to our health from elevated stress levels and panic to feeling more tired than before we went to sleep. This handy little app monitors your sleep and through your movement in your sleep determines which sleep phase you’re in and decides on the optimal time to wake you within a 30 minute window of when you want to get up. It comes with it’s own set of alarms though can use your own music instead, you can customise your wake up window, can play music to aid you to sleep (and will turn it off when it recognises your asleep) and includes Philips Hue lightbulb support to stimulate natural sunrise for an even better wake up call. Cost: Android 99p, Apple 79p Download: Android, Apple.

Pranayama Free: This app is about learning to breathe- I know, you think you’ve got this one down! But actually as adults we have a tendency to take shallow breaths which is incorrect.  By retraining you can benefit from: alleviating stress levels, can aid in getting to sleep, help athleticism, decreased blood pressure and so much more. There are different music styles so can aid in getting to sleep and/or waking up! Cost: Free. Download: Android, Apple.

FoodSwitch UK: This app compares nutritional values and the calorie count of different products found in the supermarket. The app syncs with your camera so when you’re in the supermarket you scan the barcode and if there are products that appear ‘healthier’ they will suggest alternative products. Although it apparently has an extensive database of products you’re very likely to come across a number of products that are not- if this is the case, and you want a comparison, you’ll have to take 3 photos to get it on the system. This product is most ideal if you’re concerned with the fat, sugar and salt content of the foods you buy. Cost: Free Download: AndroidApple

Kindle App: May sound so obvious but the reason I recommend this app is because if you don’t own a Kindle/Amazon device, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying ebooks from the Amazon store. It’s instant download, the quality is fantastic (even on an iPad) and most importantly, you can download a lot of the classic books (Little Women, The Great Gatsby,Tale of Two Cities, Secret Garden, Pride and Prejudice, Grimm’s Fairy Stories, Wuthering Heights, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Jane Eyre- the list goes on) absolutely FREE! Cost: Free Download: Android, Apple.

Sworkit Lite: This app is ideal for those days you just can’t get to the gym, struggling for time or want to cram in a session anywhere anytime. Your workouts are customisable (there are 171 broken down into categories of: stretches, lower body, upper body, core, pilates, cardio etc.) with some suggestions on preprogrammed routines (e.g. in the office), you set your time (5mins-60mins) and get started. You get a quick video demo and then begin. Even on the five minute ones you can do 10 routines (each on a 30 second rep). You can also monitor your progress (how long you work out at the calories you burnt) which is most reliable when you enter your weight into the settings function- you can also connect this app to MyFitnessPal You’ll also get daily reminders if you want to- this is most ideal if you do a desk based job with minimal opportunity to get up and stretch Cost: Free Download: AndroidApple

Ask Bobbi: Want to know how to create make-up artist perfect looks? Then Bobbi is on hand to help, everywhere you go! Here you’ll find top tips and how to guides on creating professional beauty looks. If you want to re-create the looks exactly, you can also shop the products they use. You can also find out how to use makeup brushes, the difference between BB and CC creams and how to apply concealer and foundation flawlessly. Looks you can create include: bridal, glowing skin and smokey eye. Cost: Free Download: Apple

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